Thursday, January 12, 2012

Romney - American values over European-style social welfare state

Your Daily Mitt

"If you follow the president, we're going to be more like Europe, more like a European social welfare state.

If instead we take my course, we're going to look more like America if you will, creating more opportunity for more people and helping lift people with better jobs and rising incomes," he said. "By the way, the president's policy over the last three years — it's failed us."
A continuing feature highlighting our GOP nominee, brought to you by LR.


jgeleff said...

Listening to his speech after NH, I thought, "He just sewed up the nomination with that speech. It has all the red meat that the dipshits in the GOP drool over. Then in four years they'll say, "Hey, what about reducing the size of government? It got BIGGER."

Eric Dondero said...

No, we'll be saying, thank God that asshole socialist Obama is long gone.

JJ said...


JasonK said...

The more I see the response to Mitt from the Paulbots and from the "right-wing" socialists (Gringich etc.) the more I have become convinced that Mitt is absolutely the guy!!

The last month has taken me from a resigned Romney by default to an enthusiastic Romney supporter. It should be obvious now that there is NO ONE even close to him running for the Republican nomination in terms of promoting optimism about America, finally showing a passionate defense of capitalism and strong foreign policy.

JasonK said...
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JJ said...

Now Gingrich is getting hell from Shitheads uh....Mittheads.

Alan said...

God bless it Eric: you've been right TWICE today.

What is driving Romney's support isn't Romney but the horror of four more years of BO [pun intended].

The problems w/Romney are the problem one has with a moderate against an ideologue.

That's why if you support limited government you should advance Ron Paul in the nomination process.

The more libertarian/constitutional conservative the GOP goes, the stronger we'll be against BO.

A question for the handful here: how many of your saw the film Atlas Shrugged? I didn't & wish I had. From reviews it described America as falling apart. Some [not critics] reported it was earlier like now.

Anybody see it & could tell us about it?

yours for liberty

Alan Turin

jgeleff said...

Alan, I saw "Atlas". It was OK, but for me, it was "dumbed down" for the general public. I wish it had been left in it's original context. It's available on video. That's how I saw it, my kids got it for me for Xmas.

luminousnerd said...

Mitt's just a flip flopper, a liar, and a panderer. He will say anything to get the nom. You absolutely cannot trust him, he is the epitome of corrupt politician. He has no interest in liberty! He would not have voted for SOPA or NDAA.