Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Iowa's clear message to the GOP: Reaganism over Taft isolationism, and Lindbergh appeasement

Strong foreign policy wins over weak, 79% to 21%

by Eric Dondero

Isolationism ala Robert Taft and Charles Lindbergh, suffered a serious setback last night in the Iowa Caucuses. Lindbergh, the famous aviator, was head of the America First Committee in the late 1930s. He was openly sympathetic to the Nazi regime, and wanted the U.S. to stay out of the War against Hitler. Ohio Senator Robert Taft, a longtime hero for left-libertarians, was also opposed to American involvement in WWII, going so far to rant against American military assistance to the British. After the War, he advocated a scaled down military, and opposed efforts to fight against Communism and enter into a Cold War with the Soviets.

Of course, Texas Congressman Ron Paul is an avid admirer of both Lindbergh and Taft.

The headline over at American Spectator by Jeffrey Lord says it all: "Ron Paul Foreign Policy Trounced":
Whatever else comes out of this Iowa Caucus night, one thing is clear: conservatives -- Reagan conservatives -- triumphed.

The combined vote of Santorum, Gingrich, Bachmann, Perry and even the moderate Mitt Romney swamped Ron Paul's controversial and decidedly non-conservative foreign policy.

As this is written, either Santorum or Romney are first, the other second. Between them that's about 50% of the vote to Ron Paul's 25% or so.

Which clearly means that no matter how Congressman Paul -- a good and decent man with a wildly left-wing foreign policy -- spins the results, his ideas have taken a thorough beating. His candidacy and his controversial foreign policy views have effectively been sent packing
But what makes the results of last night's Iowa caucuses and Paul's relatively poor showing even more ironic is that Iowa was seen as one of the last remaining bastions of isolationism in the GOP. If Paul was going to do well anywhere, it'd be in this relatively small, landlocked mid-western state. And as Lord states, his isolationist views were firmly rejected.

Note - Paul's final vote tally was actually 21%, not 25% as Lord originally reported. Which means that fully 79% of all Iowa GOP Caucus voters voted for Reaganism, and against Ron Paul's non-interventionist isolationism.


Chuck said...

Paul is done. His support will be scattered to the winds pretty soon. They've been expecting some kind of miracle commensurate with their Deliverer. Faced with the realization that it isn't coming, they'll dissipate rather quickly. After all, when the jig is up, why bother pretending?

Eric Dondero said...

Notice how the Paulbots, here and a bunch of other sites have been real quiet today?

They've lost that typical bravado.

Chuck said...

The striking thing about reality is how incredibly real it is.

Paul has a lot of money left, though. We'll see. It's still really early, but he has nowhere to go but down. Plus, if he quits, he gets to keep the money he's raised.

Eric Dondero said...

Chuck, get this. The spin now coming out of the Ron Paul camp this morning, is that they didn't actually lose. Rather they won, cause they cheated with the delegate count, and infiltrated the final delegate selection.

Charlie said...

I see Bcahmann took the money and ran. Looks like we'll be down to viable candidates sooner than later. You have to say this about Ron though, his principles certainly trump his political self interest. If he just moved to the middle on foreign policy and kept his economic platform he'd hit a home run. To bad he doesn't have some of Romney's realpolitik sense LOL. Rush gushed over his economic plan recently... I am amazed at some peoples ability to remain hardheaded in the face of doing the practical good.

Even Ron should admit an America under the current foreign policy minus the Department of Education, IRS, etc would be a better place for Americans. Instead he's wasting his considetable influence insuring a Romney presidency which will at best keep the Supreme Court from siding further leftward and at worst extend and expand the big government, inflationary policies of Obsma. I fear the worst is most likely...

Eric Dondero said...

Oh, please, I'm getting less and less tolerant of you Romney bashers.

Shoo... you're stinking up the place.

ROMNEY 2012!!!!!!!

ajnock1976 said...

The two of you said Ron Paul would be in single digits. You were wrong.

Paul, Santorum & Romney are in the top tier. The next closest are distant 4-6. Perry & Bachmann are dropping out.

Ron Paul and libertarianism did very well. Far better than you fellows ever claimed he was going to do.

Let's see NH.

Ron Paul in 2012

Alan Turin

Eric Dondero said...

Libertarianism a big winner last night. fiscally conservative/socially moderate Mitt Romney prevails.

79% for the Pro-Liberty/AntiIslamism last night.

Ron Paul, and appeasement for Islamo-Fascism, the opposite of libertarianism, is the big loser.

Eric Dondero said...

Question for the Paul-bots out there?

If Isolationism can't even win in Iowa, just where in the fuck can it win?

Cosmopolitan East Coast state of New Hampshire?

Pro-Military traditionalist South Carolina?

Israel-loving Florida?

Seriously, where does Ron Paul and his rabid appeasement/isolationism go next? Iowa was the heart of what was left of the isolationist strain in the GOP. He can't even win there!

Chuck said...

Paul peaked last night. It's all over but the crying. There aren't enough democrats participating in republican primaries for Ron Paul to even maintain top tier status. He isn't supported by republicans. That's sort of a prerequisite in republican politics.

Gary said...

**** He was openly sympathetic to the Nazi regime ****

Eric starts yet another day with Hitler. . . . so very, very sad.

The big winner in Iowa was Big Government Socialism.

63% of Republicans voted for the Right-Wing Big Government candidates of the party (Romney, Gingrich and Santorum).

The USA is ruled by one Socialist Party with moderate and radical wings.

Chuck said...

Yeah. Republicans voted for republicans. What an outrage.

Just when I think you can't get anymore goddam dumb, garie, you pull another ridiculous nugget out of your crazy ass.

Eric Dondero said...

Gary, I'm sorry if you don't think Hitler is such a big deal. But the douchebag had a profound impact on everyone of our lives. We are still fighting WWII. The only fascists that survived the Axis were the Islamists and the Grand Mufti. The Germans are no longer our enemies, but the decendents of Hitler's ally the Grand Mufti, most certainly are.

Eric Dondero said...

Gary, the only big government candidate in the race was Ron Paul.

Bachmann, Romney, Perry, Santorum, even Gingrich are fiercely opposed to American women being forced to wear burqas, gay people being hung in Tehran, and Sharia Law ruling the land.

Ron Paul is just fine with Big Islam, i.e. Big Government.

jgeleff said...

"ROMNEY 2012!!!!!!!"

Eric Dondero's rallying cry. AKA

"Lighter socialism 2012!!!"

Eric Dondero said...

jgeleff's cry for 2012...

Appease Islamo-Fascism!! The Islamists aren't our enemy. If we just bend over, and let them fuck us in our arses, they'll make friends with us.

Chuck said...

We also need to offer friendship to the Nazis who control Iran.

Hack said...

Eric, did you hear what some of the Paulbots are saying now? They claim the vote count was held at a "secret location" in Iowa at a building controlled by "Israeli defense contractors". I can only continue to laugh.

Gary said...

Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

Eric, pleasuring yourself with wet-dreams of Islamo-Fascism has nothing to do with control of the GOP.

The Iowa primary just proved that the Big Government Elites run the party. All the small government candidates (Paul, Perry, Bachmann) were crushed.

The Karl Rove "moderate" wing has won the race for the White House.

Eric Dondero said...

Hack, honestly, did you expect anything different? I mean what else can they say?

Naturally, it's a conspiracy; as big a conspiracy as those "fools," who believe it was Muslims, not CIA operatives under direct orders from Bush, who flew those planes into the Twin Towers.

Eric Dondero said...

Gary, my definition of small government Republicans is far different from yours. Yes, Bachmann, and Perry, but Romney and partially Santorum added to the list.

Big Government Repubilcans (for varying reasons), Ron Paul, and Newt Gingrich.

Chuck said...

In the demented brains of paint chip eating lunatics like garie, voters had nothing to do with that election. It was Karl Rove.

What a pathetic waste.

jgeleff said...

Eric, that's an interesting question. What is your definition of small government?

Gary said...

**** In the demented brains of paint chip eating lunatics like garie ****

Chuckie, is your photo in the boy's or girl's bathroom at the airport?

TheLibertarianConservative said...

Ron Paul's campaign was great. They had perfect commercials, thousands of grassroots activists phone banking, and a sitting Senator backing them. Problem is-- Ron Paul is simply too old and can't get his ideas across. His non-interventionism scared off a lot of voters, but so did his "Cut 1 trillion dollars year one" rhetoric. I'm sure many people assumed he was cutting from the military, social security, etc..

Ron Paul needs to keep running, and his supporters need to work as hard as possible winning others over. They will be the back bone of Rand Paul's eventual Presidential run. Although I don't know about the ultra-hardcore Ron Paul fans backing Rand..

"His support will be scattered to the winds pretty soon."

Yet did this happen in 2008? No. Ron Paul and Huckabee were the only grassroots activists that kept working after the race was over. :P Ron Paul activists will stay united and keep pushing Libertarians into office. Who knows, may be we'll get another Paul elected somewhere.

TheLibertarianConservative said...

I should specify.. I meant the people working with Ron Paul's campaign were perfect. Again, the problem was with the candidate.

ajnock1976 said...

Eric, doesn't it hurt your head to be so stupid?

1. John McCain, the 2008 loser, complained after the first debate of the candidates that they ALL were talking too much in favor of non-interventionism. They weren't, but McCain was appalled at how much ALL the candidates were saying they wouldn't start a new war in the middle east.

2. Sarah Palin, whom Eric has touted as sexy, savvy & a vanguard of liberty in the GOP, warned the GOP establishment to NOT try to marginalize Ron Paul.

She pointed out the USG was broke and Americans are sick of the wars.

Sounds more like the overwhelming majority of Republicans are inclined to a libertarian foreign policy.

Eric; eat more fish it might help w/your thinking.

It's so sad: you are this maven in languages, yet you don't have any sense.

yours for liberty, you for empire

Alan Turin


Chuck said...

"is your photo in the boy's or girl's bathroom"

Has it really come to this, garie? Your head is so far up your ass you can't even come up with your own empty bullshit? You have to parrot other people's tired crap?

Tell everyone how "the elites" controlled all the voters in Iowa. Did they use brain waves? A potion?

What was it?

You need help, garie. You aren't a stable person.