Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Governor Kasich signs libertarian bill on abortion into law

From Eric Dondero:

Most libertarians are pro-choice; a significant minority are pro-life. All libertarians oppose government funding of abortions.

And as reports, libertarian-conservative Governor John Kasich took a hardline stance against government funding yesterday:
Governor John Kasich signed House Bill 79 today, a bill that legislation designed to protect pro-life taxpayers from paying for abortion via Obamacare. This is the seventh piece of pro-life legislation Ohio has produced this year that Kasich has backed.

House Bill 79 would exclude abortion coverage from the State Exchange which Ohio must create as required by the new federal health care law. The federal law includes a provision allowing states to opt out, making it possible for this legislation to protect the conscience rights of pro-life taxpayers.
Editor's note - This website was an early and enthusiastic backer of Kasich for Governor.

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