Thursday, November 10, 2011

Interview with Republican Presidential candidate Fred Karger

From Eric Dondero:

Hi Fred, thank you for agreeing to do the interview. Our readership as you know is libertarian Republican. But we are pro-defense libertarians, not of the non-interventionist/Ron Paul variety. We are concerned deeply with the rise of Islamo-Fascism overseas, and even "creeping Sharia" here in the United States.

Question: Could you kindly give us a quick summary of your foreign policy views?

Answer: As a protégé of Ronald Reagan, I am a firm believer in peace through strength. I am also a conciliator in the James Baker way. He is my political hero. That’s what we need, a balance. We should not go on nation-building like President Obama is doing in Afghanistan. The only surge we should do is to surge out of there. We have lost too many American lives in both Iraq and Afghanistan, there are so many wounded warriors returning home and we simply can’t afford the wars.

Question: What about Islam? As I'm sure you're aware, gay pro-defense libertarians like Bruce Bawer have chronicled over the years, Islamist violence against the gay community in Europe. And in Iran they are regularly holding public executions of homosexuals. The harassment and violence has even spread to Africa, where some African countries like Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda are now considering severe restrictions on gays, and even outright jail terms for homosexual acts, as a result of pressure from their growing Muslim populations. How should we handle violence against homosexuals by Islamists overseas? Would you favor some sort of action, or a completely non-interventionist, none of our business approach. Is the Obama administration doing enough to speak up against violence on homosexuals from Islamists overseas?

Answer: The US Government should take more seriously the persecution of any minority group. It is a travesty that LGBTQ people face the death penalty or life in prison in over twenty countries around the world. I think the most dangerous example of these types of laws is the “Kill the Gays” bill being debated in Uganda. While I applaud Secretary Clinton for publicly condemning the bill, I think the Obama Administration could do so much more to pressure Uganda and other countries who have similar laws. British Prime Minister David Cameron has threatened to slash foreign aid for general budget support from Uganda and any country that criminalizes homosexuality. We should do the same.

Question: We've observed at LR that the gay media is very reluctant to report on Islamic violence against homosexuals, but are super quick to report on even the tiniest of infractions against Gays here in the U.S. committed by Christians. Do you think there is a double standard?

Answer: Most major American news organizations and as well as the LGBTQ media primarily focus on news and events that happen within our borders. There should be more coverage of these international atrocities.

Question: Do you think government should be in the business of gay marriage? Or, do you favor marriage being handled privately by churches and other institutions?

Answer: Civil Marriage has been ingrained in our Western Legal system for hundreds of years and any attempts to fully expunge our local, state and federal legal systems of marriage and marriage laws would be impractical. I support full marriage equality for all Americans. It is a civil rights issue and sends a powerful message to the entire LGBTQ community - they are equal.

Question: Finally, as a libertarian site, we are very tolerant and even quite supportive of homosexuality. However, many of our readers are uncomfortable with gays serving in the Military. Not for any distaste for homosexuals, but rather the practicality of it all. Do gays get to share berthing spaces, and even shower facilities with members of their own sex? Or should there be separate facilities? And do you find it hypocritical at all to allow gay men the right to sleep in close quarters with, and take showers with straight men, but not to accord the rights of straight men to sleep in close quarters with, and shower with females?

Answer: I applaud the bipartisan legislation that has finally rid our armed forces of government-sanctioned discrimination. Our LGBTQ troops can now serve openly and honestly and will be protected from firings, demotions and harassment in the workplace. What will never change are the military values of personal and professional conduct ingrained into every recruit and expected by every service member.

I fully support how the repeal is being implemented. There should not be segregated facilities for service members based on sexual orientation.

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