Wednesday, October 12, 2011


by Eric Dondero

The Prime Minster gave a speech to Parliament on Monday on reforming British immigration laws. He is immediately directing immigration officials in his administration to crack-down on immigrants from mostly Muslim countries who have no loyalties to Britain, British values or British culture.
•Forced Marriages to be a criminal offense

•End to Anchor babies - Families will need to post a bond of thousands of pounds to bring in other family members from overseas

•A call on all loyal Citizens of Great Britain to turn in illegal immigrants, particularly those who overstay their Visas

•Lengthening and strengthening the Test for British citzenship, including adding a section on British history
Excerpt from the text of the Prime Minister's speech via The UK Guardian:
"So let me say one more thing abut the journey to becoming a British citizen," he added. "We're also going to change the citizenship test. There's a whole chapter in the citizenship handbook on British history but, incredibly, there is no question on British history in the actual test.

"Instead you'll find questions on the roles and powers of the main institutions of Europe and the benefits system within the UK. So we are going to revise the whole test … and put British history and culture at the heart of it."
Editor's note - This website was an early and enthusiastic supporter of David Cameron and his Conservative Party. Photo credit - The UK Sun


Doom said...

Good start. I want to say far to little, far too late, but... well, as much as I disparage government, I do realize the need for them and the fact that the best government can only truly successfully work in the margins. Well, save during war. I guess the question is, is this war?

For me, that is the debate. If I also realize that even if European politicians wake up and see this for what it is, they will still blindly work in the margins of little to nothing and full on turtle speed. G o o o!

That's why they needed real men to fight their world wars. Even the Germans tried to make war into a gentleman's game of chance rather than the full, up-front, in-your-face, scramble for ground and attrition that it is. However, the world of men is being murdered even in the land of hope. Their next wars may be their own as "our troops" play queer patty cake games and prep for transition surgery or pump out babies as the new-age slum queens.

Bah! Still, God speed, he will need it.

Perezoso said...


Would Ayn Rand have lent her support to Davey Cameron...would..Jefferson? (or the ..shade thereof?) I doubt it. Granted...muslim extremism is an issue--but that's not libertarians taking them on, or even republicans..thats the Torys.

Chuck said...

Libertarians including Ayn Rand have no problem with nations controlling their borders/immigration.

The US Libertarian Party learned that the hard way as their question on the World's Smallest Political Quiz used to rate people down on open borders. It was the one point that kept many people from being "perfect" libertarians.

Anyway, given England's far worse immigration problems, they needed to do something though it may be too late.