Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wilders speech in Germany: Netherlands moving forward with De-funding Islamism

Islamists "access to welfare will be diminished"

From Eric Dondero:

Dutch Parliamentarian, and leader of the Party for Freedom, addressed a crowd of 600 supporters in Berlin, Sept. 3.

Included in his speech were a number of libertarian proposals for defunding Islamism and anti-Dutch activities of Radical Islamists living in the Netherlands.
The new policies will place more demands on immigrants.

Integration will not be tailored to different groups anymore.

There will be a tougher approach to immigrants who disobey the law.

Those who lower their chances of employment by the way they dress, will see their access to welfare payments diminished.

We have also achieved that anti-Israeli activities will no longer be funded with Dutch taxes.

So-called humanitarian aid organizations that directly or indirectly support anti-Israel boycotts, divestments and sanctions and that deny Israel’s right to exist will no longer get government funding.


KosBoy said...

Good, I don't want Europe to be run over by Islamists. I support this and as a Jew, I stand with Israel.

Doom said...

It's a start. A bare minimum. And yet far advanced to the U.S., so far.

Was that snark Kboy? Or do you actually have a brain? If so, use it more often.

KosBoy said...

I am a secular Jew and I don't want people to have mental illnesses like OCD, Schizophrenia, Islam, or Tourette's.

Anything that will limit these disorders is good in my book.

Eric Dondero said...

Kos Boy you're scaring me. Stop being nice. Go back to the hateful Kos Boy that we've all grown to love.

Eric - The Management

KosBoy said...

I am not being "nice", I just care about protecting society. I don't want any religious freaks telling civilized people how to live. In Europe the biggest problem is radical Islam. In America the biggest problem is evangelical Christofascists.

Gary said...

KosBoy, what about the unlimited Muslim immigration?

The West is importing an insane faith that from day one wanted to convert or enslave all those around them.

Chuck said...

Kosturd is smart. That is why it can explain in detail what an "evangelical" is.

Ready? Go, Kosturd.

KosBoy said...

There are insane Muslims who are just as evil and bigoted as the teabaggers, and there are also peaceful and civilized and progressive Muslims like Keith Ellison who support Medicare for all.

He and Alan Grayson are my favorites.

KosBoy said...

I like Alan Grayson a little better because he supports Israel more.

He's a progressive Jew like me.

Chuck said...

Try try again, Kostool.

What is an "evangelical"? We all get that you dig scumbags like Alan Grayson.

What is an "evangelical"?

KosBoy said...

We all get that you dig scumbags like Alan Grayson.

Alan Grayson is NOT a scumbag you dumb fuuck.

He was an amazing leader who knew how to stand up for the middle class, and I'm telling you, he will be BACK with a VENGEANCE. He lost last year because it was the year of the teabag morons. When normal people vote again in 2012, OBAMA WILL WIN and GRAYSON WILL BE BACK.

KosBoy said...

Evangelicals are Christian fundamentalists, i.e. Christofascists.

Chuck said...

i.e., all Christians.

You are a filthy fucking bigot. Where do you scumbag Klansmen come from? Why can't you vermin just mind your own worthless business instead of attacking the people who built the world you live in?

Scum of the earth.

Lofo said...

It's quite hilarious and hypocritical to see Fhuck crying about "filthy fucking bigots".

Chuck said...

Only to a dumbass or a liar...or both.