Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Republican Rep. in Rhode Island kicked out of GOP Caucus may now join the Libertarian Party?

"I'm more of a Libertarian in theory..."

From Eric Dondero:

Meet Rhode Island Rep. Dan Gordon. Technically he is still a Republican. But two weeks ago, he was kicked out of the Republican Caucus in the State House, by the other 10 GOP Reps. The reason?

A third time conviction for drunk driving.

From the Portsmouth Patch:

Gordon blamed his past arrests in Massachusetts on "self-medicating with alcohol," which was brought on by post-traumatic stress from wartime service. Gordon, a Marine Corps veteran, served in many countries, including Iraq in 1991.
Gordon is vowing to keep his seat. However, he may do so under another party label.
"I've given some serious thought to disaffiliating and joining the Democratic Party, or the Libertarian Party," Gordon said Tuesday. "I'm more of a Libertarian in theory. I'm only a Republican because of the two-party system."
Note - The Rhode Island Libertarian Party is tiny consisting of 4 or 5 active individuals, most of whom, ironically also serve as GOP Precinct Committeeman or local elected Republican town councilmen.

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Doom said...

Okay, now THIS hurts the Libertarian brand. If the party doesn't resist taking debauchees when they lose their standing, the party will just become the left-libertine party. Even if they don't, perception is huge.