Sunday, September 25, 2011

Glenn Beck - Libertarian through and through

From Eric Dondero:

Glenn Beck makes a straightforward statement:
It's not because I want to legalize drugs... You know I always say I have libertarian leanings. I am a libertarian, but most libertarians would reject me. They would reject me because they believe I'm one thing or another.

No! I'll fight for your right to do whatever you want. Don't make me pay for it however.
Editor's comment - You're more than libertarian enough for us here at LR, Glenn. Thank you for all you do for our libertarian movement!


Gary said...

Beck is a good guy, but get that damn blackboard away from him.

Also he was a fool not to adjust his show to stay on Fox.

ajnock1976 said...

For the eight miserable years that were W's era of misrule, Glenn Beck never once raised objections to Bush's anti-libertarian positions. Then in the fall of 2008he makes some libertarian criticisms of Obama.

This isn't libertarianism on his part but pure partisan nonsense.

yours for liberty

Alan Turin

Gary said...
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Gary said...

Alan, you need to consider that people's opinions change over time.

In 2000 I knew "THE TRUTH."

By 2011 what I view as the "truth" has totally changed.

Cut Beck some slack. He is moving closer to you, not away from you.

Ran said...

"For the eight miserable years that were W's era of misrule, Glenn Beck never once raised objections to Bush's anti-libertarian positions."

Bald lie.

I was there, listening, since 2004.

-Beck was clear on Bush's failures on borders security;

-He was critical of the SPENDING - especially of "No Child" and "Part D" and on the ridiculous new DHS.

-He was extremely critical of Bush's treatment of Ramos and Compean.

-He was critical of Bush's signing of BCRA.

-Glenn ridiculed the whole notion of "compassionate" conservatism and whether there were any conservatives (other than Cheney) in the Administration, because the statism was growing government power, not shrinking it.

Indeed, thee were times when I was wondering just how long he'd be tolerated for his open criticism.

Damnit, Turin, Gary has it backwards: Glenn is moving away from you, not towards you, because Glenn is trying to tell the truth. Every fucking time you post it is pure bull shit. I do not give a flying damn whether you LIE or whether you actually believe the crap you post, but false it is, every time. Freaking parallel universe.

publican said...

I agree with Ran on Glenn Beck. He gets a little melodramatic at times, but in many ways he's the best commentator out there. He's expanded my knowledge - and no, I don't just take his word for it, I research myself quite a bit. The left hates him almost as much as they hate Palin, so if I admit that I like Glenn Beck to many of my friends, I get the ridicule treatment. Don't care. I got ridiculed for my support of Reagan in 1976 and 1980 too. I was right.

Jerry said...

Glenn Beck is another religious fanatic, like Perry, Bachmann and Santorum. I believe that he'd use the power of the state to shape things to his view of the world, meaning that he'd put religion at the front of policy decisions.

Chuck said...

And as long as you're simply making shit up, you can say anything at all.

Pretty neat.

Lofo said...

Glenn Beck is uneducated.

I'll trust a black Ivy League graduate and president over this dunce any day.

Chuck said...

If Glen Beck took a shit on a paper plate, it would be smarter than brakabama...and cleaner too.

Chuck said...

Real intelligence is tangible. Intelligence is what it produces.

Henry Ford was smarter than ten million Brakabamas put together.

Isaac Newton was worth fifty million illiterate Moohammeds.

Had "Allah" given you a real father, you would know these truths, son.

What a shame...and the beat goes on...

The Right Guy said...

I think you understate it.

Chuck said...

Gimme a break. I'm being sensitive and stuff.

Chuck said...

An educated dumbass will remain forever a dumbass. An uneducated genius will be forever a genius.

History will remember brakabama unkindly. Such is justice.