Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Broward Cty. GOP rejects Islamist CAIR Dir. Nezar Hamze

"I'm a very strict social conservative... traditional Islamic values..."

From Eric Dondero:

Nezar Hamze is the South Florida Director for the terrorist-linked Islamist group CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations). He gained fame last year for having confronted pro-defense libertarian Congressman Allen West on his support for Israel at a town hall meeting.

Last weekend he attempted to pull off another political stunt: running for a seat on the Broward County Republican executive committee.

Background from the South Florida Independent:
“I’m a very strict social conservative,” Hamze says. “I have strong family values — traditional Islamic values really line up with the Republican Party’s family values platform.”

That’s where my political platform is. When you look at it, it is almost mirrored with traditional Republican values, not with the new neo-con conservatives,” Hamze explains. “You have some individuals like Ron Paul, Chris Christie that are out there, who stand by their values and treat all Americans equally.”

“Here’s the problem: The neo-cons and the neo-Zionists are absolutely opposed to any Muslim participation in the political process,” Hamze says. “We are very wealthy, very well networked, but not active politically, and that is our problem as a Muslim group.”

He says that those opposed to Muslim political activity know this. “Their claim to fame — and you can use Rep. Allen West — is, ‘Let’s bash the Muslims and get the vote.’” Hamze says he wants to “bring the Muslims to the mainstream political process.”
"The problem... neo-cons and neo-Zionists..."

Hamze's membership was rejected by the Broward GOP voting body by an overwhelming vote.

From "Muslim Nezar Hamze Kept Out of Broward GOP Committee Amid "'Pit of Discrimination'":
Nezar Hamze -- a Muslim and executive director of Florida's Council on American-Islamic Relations -- is no stranger to taking heat from right-wing politicos in Broward County.

He's feuded with Rep. Allen West, U.S. Senate candidate Adam Hasner, radio host Joyce Kaufman...

Hamze said he fielded about 15 minutes' worth of questions, some of which weren't even questions, as he says people called him "terrorist" and said "You're in al-Qaida,"

the results didn't come as much of a surprise to Hamze -- he was denied by a vote of 158-11.

The ten other people who applied for membership were all admitted...
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Doom said...

Hey, maybe he could join the Libertarian caucus?

Gary said...

Strong Family Values!

Yep, you can't have those types in the GOP.

Anonymous said...

Good. Keep those pro-Sharia fucks out of the GOP. And hopefully, out of the Democrat party too, but first we need to throw out the Obama regime next year.