Sunday, July 17, 2011

Koch Brothers accussed of wanting to turn the Republican Party into the Libertarian Party

"lies, pay-offs, and deceit"

Excerpt from "Tea Party: Republican or Libertarian" by David Hubbard, The Dakotan, July 13:
The Koch brothers of Kansas. A couple of philanthropic billionaires who have been giving hundreds of millions of dollars to drive a wedge between the Democratic and Republican parties.

The formerly anonymous pair of good-old-boy, American capitalists have been traced to a few dozen political and non-profit organizations spending millions to promote the Koch brothers' own agenda... now they are funding the Tea Party in order to purposefully create a void between the left and right; a void that can be filled by Libertarian Party members.

The Koch brothers have spent over $100 million USD in the 2010 midterm elections to promote their own libertarian agenda.

[And] rather than promote their Libertarian agenda transparently through the normal political process, they seek to change the face of American politics through subterfuge, lies, pay-offs, and deceit. The Kochs' goals are not to build a stronger right-wing agenda, but to supplant it with their own Libertarian ideals.

So, remember, a vote for the Tea Party Republicans is a vote for the (not-so-) hidden Koch brothers' Libertarian agenda. Just don't come bitching to the rest of us when you realize the Republican Party has been turned into the Libertarian Party and you are all wondering where your government oversight and your personal rights went.
Editor's comment - Of course we here at Libertarian Republican fully welcome and wholeheartidly support any effort by any individual to turn the Republican Party into the Libertarian Party. And in the interest of full disclosure, that is most assuredly our agenda here at LR.


Doom said...

Yeah, even an old mostly party Republican, who isn't quite sold on the Libertarian party but had the Republican party desert him... I like the mix. It's more like the idea of chocolate meeting peanut butter (assuming you like both and together even more). Rather than the 'party of Democrat lite', how about, oh I dunno, a fragging actual opposing party? Bah!

And, finally, billionaires who know how to make money and don't mind spending some of their own to make sure others get the same opportunity. Now there is putting your money where your mouth is. Most billionaires seem intent on (Soros) keeping others out (Turner) of 'their' (Gates?) playground. If someone wants to be successful? Why, they should have been one of those guys! And they back every group and politician who is doing everything they can to make sure no one else is successful. Idiots. Don't they realize that once a nation discourages success enough to keep people from trying and succeeding, the state then has to strip the super rich of everything?

With America gone, as it was(is?), all nations will begin stripping the rich, first their money, then to cover that their lives. And the 51% who think they will be given that money... will cheer.

Charlie said...

"Just don't come bitching to the rest of us... wondering where your government oversight and your personal rights went."

Libertarians TAKING AWAY personal rights??? This guy is pretty misinformed LOL

And as for government oversight, I believe libertarian philosophy "oversees" government in the best way possible, by making it small, accountable and voidable when it tramples on the aforementioned personal rights.

How can so many people be so uninformed in the internet age???

Doom said...

Sheep are easily lead, and wolves love to lead them. When you suggest someone is misinformed, make sure you know whether you are dealing with sheep or wolves.