Friday, July 8, 2011

The Face of Ayn Rand Republicans according to the Hard Left

"Radical" Senate Minority Leader "hopes America will fail"

From Eric Dondero:

Mitch McConnell, mild-mannered gentleman Senator from Kentucky, a "radical, extremist" Ayn Randian? Who knew?

From Brent Budowsky, column UK Progressive, "Republicans try to destroy America's economy" July 4:
Mitch McConnell has said his No. 1 goal is to destroy President Obama, not improve our economy, and has abused the rules of the Senate to obstruct every major jobs program for more than two years.

Eric Cantor walks out of the debt-ceiling talks and the big question is whether Cantor’s dagger is aimed at the back of President Obama, Speaker Boehner or both...

the Republican Party is divided between the hope America fails Republicans, who appear to actively want joblessness to rise to seek political gain, and the radical Republicans who adore Ayn Rand, like [Ron] Paul and [Paul] Ryan, who favor extremist economic policies that would make America fail (as Republican economic policies often do).
Budowsky also blasts Congressmen Ryan and Paul for wanting to "defeat the debt ceiling," and "destroy Medicare." He continues:
The radical Ayn Rand Republicans sincerely believe in their reactionary support for unlimited greed and their destructive opposition to any programs that would create jobs.

My guess is that the hope America fails Republicans and the radical Ayn Rand Republicans may well bring Democrats back to power in the House, and preserve Democratic control of the Senate.
Editor's comment - No raise to the debt ceiling and replacing Medicare with private choice is what we libertarians actually call sensible mainstream proposals Mr. Bodowsky. (Photo credit - American Prospect)


Gary said...

I am afraid it is a face only a mother could love.

The Right Guy said...

She was Russian after all. :) She had a face for radio.

Jimmy said...

Lulz, if Mitch McConnell is a libertarian then I'm a Molotov-tossing anarchist...

Will said...

He doesn't look a thinke like Ayn Rand. Helen Mirren, perhaps, but not Rand. ;)

Doom said...

That was so rude, Will. Funny, but rude. Do The Right Guy, Do the Right Guy! *evil grins*