Wednesday, July 13, 2011

California Republicans fight against Snowboarder helmet law

Party-line Vote in Sacramento, 49 - 23

From the SacBee "Bill requiring helmets on slope 1 step from Brown":
Skiers and snowboarders younger than 18 would have to wear a helmet on the slopes under a bill that has passed the state Assembly.

The bill was approved Monday on a 49-23, party-line vote. Several Republican lawmakers called the legislation another example of overly protective "nanny state" regulations.
The fine for not wearing a helmet will be $25.00.

Editor's comment - How times have changed. Remember the '70s. Jerry Brown was a hip Democrat; legalizing weed, hanging out with rock stars, dating Linda Ronstadt. Now, he's about to become the ultimate Nanny-State nerd.

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lady di said...

Why not legislate everyone to where helmets from dusk till dawn? That way, no one will every have to think again if they should wear a helmet or no.....takes the question of choice and freedom out of the equation. Now, what about those safety glasses, hmmmmmmm?

Anonymous said...

Lady Di:
I'll agree and raise you mandatory snowboard seat-belts. Of course, snow-board tags & licensing and annual snow-board safety inspections, including user-paid tests for lead in the board's paint. Warning stickers (impact injury and depleted O2 at altitude) and -

- mandatory breathalyzer tests at every lift.

Gary said...

I hear that the People's Republic of California is considering placing every newborn into a plastic bubble to protect them from life.

The California GOP plans to vote to fund the program so they do not appear as being "mean".

Will said...

This stupidity will amount to nothing more than an old fashioned blue law. Skiers, and snow boarders will simply cross the Nevada state to put into practice their idea of fun. Nevada ski resort owners are already seeing dollar signs everywhere.

Dan said...

What if a minor just wants to go sledding? Cross-country skiing? Do they need a helmet for that too?

lady di said...

In Massachusetts there has been talk of mandatory helmets for children while sledding. People, including children will always be getting hurt.
Some of this can be eliminated with parental supervision and wise decision making. Survival of the fittest comes to mind.