Saturday, June 4, 2011

Meet Lela Pittenger: TX Republican candidate for US Senate

The one Republican woman in the race

From Eric Dondero:

We received a nice note from Lela Pittenger, a candidate for US Senate who is not receiving as much attention as the big boys - Dewhurst, Cruz and Leppert. She is a solid libertarian-conservative. She's been a featured speaker at Austin-area Tea Party rallies. And she just happens to be a daily reader (email newsletter subscriber) to Libertarian Republican. We'll likely be interviewing her soon for LR.

From her campaign website:
Lela Pittenger is a native Texan. She was born in Lubbock to an agriculture family and lived throughout the Panhandle and West Texas. Moving to Sherman, Texas to attend Austin College, and [later] pursued her Master's degree in Dispute Resolution from SMU.

In the last few years she has become active in politics in Hays County, attending all of the 2008 Republican conventions culminating in the rare experience at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Over the last 4 years she has moved from concerned to alarmed at the direction of the nation and is passionate about doing her part to return our nation to its roots of Judeo-Christian values and Constitutional government. It is with this passion that she has decided to run for United States Senate and give all she has to representing the values of Conservatives across Texas.

Always an out-of-the box thinker, Lela has a passion for finding new ways to solve complex issues that have so divided our nation, while maintaining a conservative approach. Some of the issues that are most important to her are protecting family values, the Economy, elections’ integrity, the takeover of Healthcare, issues with Immigration and the Border, states’ rights, U.S. sovereignty, Pro-life legislation, reform of the tax code and national disaster preparedness.
Silly boys, the US Senate is for Gals too

On the issues she's a solid "Rand Paul Republican":
I would support a requirement for every piece of legislation to contain an explanation of its constitutional authority.

I would support a Sunset Law requiring every federal agency and program to prove, on a regular and frequent basis, the need for its existence and for every dollar it receives.

Maximize border security through increased border agents; Sanctuary Cities cannot exist and continue to receive federal funds

I believe we need to abolish the Department of Education

I believe all voters in federal elections should be required to present photo identification to cast their vote

Taxes: Abolish the death tax; Stop the progressive nature of the tax code; Dramatically reduce the taxes on capital gains and dividends; and Cut our corporate tax rates
Note - We have not made an endorsement in this very hotly contested race. As almost always, we're very likely to follow along with the decision of the Republican Liberty Caucus.

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Morgan said...

I hope the conservative/libertarian vote doesn't split down there. Based on what I've read about the candidates (if I were living in Texas), I'd be leaning towards either Pittenger, Ted Cruz or Michael Williams.

Dan said...

Having seen him speak at an AFP conference last July, I think Cruz is full of shit. He's way too elitist and high societ for everyday Texans. Has this lady contacted the RLC for support on her campaign?