Monday, May 23, 2011

The most surprising poll results of the 2012 Election cycle?

Pro-Free Markets/Strong on Defense Giuliani best against Obama

From Eric Dondero:

Courtesy of our friends at, a new Harris interactive poll shows Romney on top of the GOP field. But Giuliani, not even a candidate, does best against Obama.

Harris Interactive Republican Primary Poll
•Romney – 14%
•Huckabee – 12%
•Gingrich – 10%
•Palin – 8%
•Trump – 8%
•Giuliani – 7%
•Daniels – 5%
•Paul – 4%
•Cain – 3%
•Bachmann – 2%
•Pawlenty – 2%
•Huntsman – 1%
•Johnson – *
•Santorum – *
General Election Matchups
•Giuliani – 51%
•Obama – 49%

•Obama – 51%
•Romney – 49%

•Obama – 55%
•Paul – 45%

•Obama – 56%
•Gingrich – 44%

•Obama – 57%
•Johnson – 43%

•Obama – 57%
•Santorum – 43%

•Obama – 58%
•Bachmann – 42%

•Obama – 58%
•Palin – 42%

•Obama – 58%
•Pawlenty – 42%

•Obama – 59%
•Cain – 41%

•Obama – 59%
•Huntsman – 41%
Editor's comments - Of course, the always vocal Ron Paul people despise the anti-Islamist/pro-Israel hawk Giuliani. It'll be interesting to see their reaction to these numbers. Also a surprise. Palin does rather well in this poll. Giuliani/Palin?


Dan said...

Can't say I'm surprised with these numbers. Sounds like Eric may be back on the bandwagon.

Eric Dondero said...

If he runs, I'll back him; simple as that.

KN@PPSTER said...

I'm not a Paul fan, but I'll give you my reaction anyway.

As you'll recall, in May of 2007, when Giuliani was considered the front-runner for the GOP nomination and Republican pundits were taking predictions as to when John McCain would withdraw, I opined that Giuliani didn't have a snowball's chance in hell and predicted that McCain would be the nominee.

THIS may, I don't have a prediction as to whom the GOP will nominate yet, but Giuliani's chances in 2012 are no better than they were in 2008, and for the same reasons.

Eric Dondero said...

No, this is a total surprise. Nobody was even thinking about him, except, apparently a few key GOP primary voters up in New Hampshire where it counts.

Trump's pull-out left an opening for a Strong on Defense Foreign Policy Reaganite. Cain fits that bill. But doesn't have the gravitas of Giuliani.

If Giuliani doesn't run, Pro-Defense voters are going to be left without a strong candidate to back.

Eric Dondero said...

If Rudy doesn't go, maybe we start a Draft Peter King effort?

Anonymous said...

Palin would be poison to any ticket. Most likely (and smartest) VP pick for anyone who wins the nomination? Paul Ryan.

KN@PPSTER said...


It's odd that you'd compare Trump to Giuliani. I did so the other day myself.

They're peas in a pod -- corrupt and incompetent government careerists whose only selling point is their ability to self-promote.

The only real differences are that Giuliani opted for direct government employment rather than the corporate welfare queen route, and that his incompetence and corruption therefore has probably cost more in American lives than Trump's has.

When Giuliani came in as mayor, one of the top recommendations in the wake of the 1993 WTC attack was to get the police and fire departments on the same comm gear. The gear was available, but the bribery process ran so slowly that it hadn't been purchased by 9/11/01, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of NYPD officers who didn't get the word to clear the buildings.

Also in response to the 1993 WTC attack, it was determined that New York needed an emergency response HQ. The experts recommended siting it in Brooklyn. Giuliani thought it was smarter to put it under the World Trade Center, which resulted in he and other city functionaries spending three hours trying to crawl out of the wreckage instead of being available to coordinate the response.

Then he turned down $10 million in 9/11 relief funding because the guy who offered it had made a common-sense observation as to the circumstances which brought 9/11 about.

And afterward? Giuliani avoids public appearances in NYC to this day, because whenever he makes them, the post-9/11 cleanup workers he fucked over and exposed to lung damage by lying about the air quality and refusing respirators, etc. -- those who remain alive, anyway -- show up to tell everyone what a rotten son of a bitch he is.

When he gets on the national stage, if his greasy medicine show carnival routine isn't enough to turn people off, his opponents can always bring up the fact that his closest associate is in jail for corruption in the office Giuliani appointed him to, and that since leaving the mayor's office, Giuliani has chosen to work as a lobbyist for such savory characters as Hugo Chavez.

He's about as likely to win the GOP nomination, let alone the presidency, as Jacobite pretender Francis II is to move into Buckingham Palace.

Morgan said...

One word to say about the poll results: ridiculous. Only Giuliani can beat Obama? This is why I don't take stock in most polls usually and none of them this early in the primaries.

ajnock1976 said...

Remember that we here are "red hots" on politics. We think about it alot [too much?].

Most Americans will think of the race after Labor Day '12.

So there will be a rising tide of interest from "now" thru Iowa/NH thru primaries thru conventions etc.

Polls "now" are chancy because we represent a minority of American voters. The sample is too small to be ultimately relevant.

That said, Eric INSTRUCTED us in 2007 that the race was going to be between Rudy [a 1972 McGovern supporter] vs. Hillary [a 1972 McGovern supporter].

Rudy was irrelevant except as a fall guy to Ron Paul. Hillary is hired help at Obama/Biden world.

The prospect of watching Rudy lose again does hearten me. But it brings up the problem I had in 2007: there were so many GOP candidates I had to decide whom I could NEVER support.

I do so again: Giuliani, Santorum, Bolton, Gingrich [the Blowhard is out of the race]. IF any of the foregoing are the nominee, I'll vote anything BUT GOP.

yours truly

Alan Turin

Gary said...

I have always liked Rudy. But the crazy-ass right-wingers would rather have Obama re-elected than give Rudy the nomination.

Jimmy said...

If he takes votes away from Mitt Romneycare I'm ll for a Giuliani candidacy... as long as he does not win. Giuliani could split the neo-con/socialist RINO vote and get a REAL Republican as the nominee.

SJ Reidhead said...

Rudy's the one I'm waiting for!

The Pink Flamingo

Lofo said...

Giuliani is a moron, not a libertarian.

Freedom is about authority. Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what you do.

Texas Little El said...

Wow, when Eric gets it wrong, it gets it wrong in Spades.

still sticking with that complete idiot GHOULIANI again.

Notice that everything that Ron Paul has predicted so far has come to pass.

And GHOULIANI has been right HOW MANY TIMES?