Sunday, April 24, 2011



Now fully Translated from German

Libertarian Republican was the very first! website to run this video, yesterday. Now, other right blogs are featuring it. And thankfully, someone fluent in German as we requested, fully translated her words.

And they're even more powerful than we first realized. (My German is only mid-level, and my attempt at a translation was mediocre, at best.)

Note - the woman is still unidentified. But she soon may become the next Ayn Rand, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Neda, Pamela Geller, Sarah Palin or even Joan of Arc.

Please watch this video, and pass it along to every friend, family member and to every political associate you know. It is especially appropriate for this day of celebration of our Judeao-Christian values of Western Civilization.

Please, won't you take a moment and pass on this link to others.

Eric Dondero, LR Publisher/Editor

UPDATE! Linked at Atlas Shrugs, Pajamas Media, and TheOtherMcCain.


Lofo said...

(yawn) Hitler.

Hack said...

I want to see more of her!!! There has to be more video somewhere. Thanks for sharing.

ts48 said...

Sweeping the Right blogosphere? LMAO!!

Anonymous said...

(Yawn) Lofo probably wants to rape her too...

The Right Guy said...

Lofo dates women in Burkhas, of course he likes Bachmann.

Doom said...

I don't care if I see more of her so much as more exactly like her. It isn't just Germany.

Rational Nation USA said...

Eric - Mind if I lift this over to RN? With proper H/T of course.

Jim Fryar said...

I think you can go for it Rational, most of us have already done so with Erics blessings.

Kathy Gornik said...

Dear Mr. Dondero,
I am troubled by your comment, "It is especially appropriate for this day of celebration of our Judeao-Christian values of Western Civilization. " This story should not about values, which are privately determined, but principles which, when we get them right, are like laws of nature, not to be violated.
The principle of most importance here is separation of Church and State. It is a liberty principle, and extremely important in these uncertain times to understand, explain and support so we can promote religious freedom for everyone while maintaining peace among peoples of different faiths. Islam as a religion can only be frightening and evil when it has the force of the state behind it, a state which does not recognize a property in one's life as an inalienable right. If the law of the land were neutral with regard to religion and also recognized the inherent rights of individuals to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Islam would be another of the many, many religious sects that coexist peacefully in the world. By bringing in "Juadeao-Christian values" you fail to stress the more fundamental idea here, and possibly further confusion about the role of religion and the West in the great journey toward human freedom.
Thank you for listening.

Morgan said...

(yawn) Hitler.

(yawn) Stop, thief.

MG said...

I tought there would be some originality to lofo's debate but of course not, he has to offer the oldest cliché in the contemporary world.

Lofo = Muslims bitch.