Friday, April 22, 2011

Some very good news out of New Hampshire for Republicans

From Eric Dondero:

New Hampshire is a must win State for the GOP. It's one of those Red-leaning states that went slightly for Obama in 2008. Others include, of course, Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Florida. Without winning NH the GOP is likely to be shut-out in the entire Northeast for 2012.

Enter Romney. Now CNN reports:
According to the new survey conducted by Dartmouth College, Romney beats the president in a head-to-head matchup by 8 points, 47 percent to 39 percent. Obama's poor showing against Romney is also the product of his weak approval rating in the Granite State, where only 36 percent of voters there give him positive marks. That compares to a 45 percent approval rating for Obama in New Hampshire in a similar poll one year ago.
All other GOP candidates lose in NH to Obama, some like Palin and Trump, by large margins, over 20 points.

Editor's comment - for those of us Republicans concerned about making inroads into the Northeast, this is a very powerful argument for Romney's candidacy.


Gary said...

The Father of Socialized Medicine vs. Comrade Obama.

The nation is doomed.

Will said...

Dartmouth College is part of the Ivy League system, therefore is far, far left. This "survey" smells bad to me. I bet this is another rigged survey, orchestrated by Demorats, to build up another weak Republican candidate, in much the same way the LSM praised McCain so much, in 2008. Be aware of phony polls and surveys from now to the primary!

Doom said...

It's a dog and pony show to "win over" Republicans to the dark side. He is NOT our father. :p

Chuck said...

Gee. In the warped mind of the leftist dog turd that calls itself "gary", Mitt Romney invented socialism all by himself.

And this fucking retard expects to be taken seriously? I guess the nice thing about leftist plants like "gary" is the amount of suck they bring to whichever discussion they are trying to corrupt.


Flintlock said...

He wins there and loses the rest of the country.
The last thing we need is this RINO.

Jimmy said...

Gary Johnson is the only serious candidate to have officially announced that he is running for president. I think due to his track record as governor of New Mexico he has a good shot at the nomination after he gets his name out there a little bit.