Wednesday, April 20, 2011

DC Journalist says Romney "almost a libertarian Republican"

Republicans "have to be" libertarian in Massachusetts to get elected

Terry Michael, founder and executive director of the Washington Center for Politics and Journalism, "which sponsors a politics and journalism semester to teach future political reporters about political reporting," quoted at RUVR TV, journalist roundtable on the reelection prospects of Barack Obama:
If Romney can get past his own party on healthcare, he has the industrial strength, the look of a president. He is almost a libertarian Republican, which you have to be in Massachusetts to get elected.


Lofo said...


Romney is not even close to libertarianism.

Morgan said...

For once, the piece of garbage actually says something coherent.

Eric Dondero said...

It's a matter of perspective. To this guy, Romney is a "libertarian." To us, he's not much of one, if at all. But he might be a Republican worthy of libertarian support.

Morgan said...

No, he's not, Eric. He's one of a very few potential Republican candidates I will not vote for under any circumstances in 2012. If he gets the nomination, I'll strongly consider supporting the Libertarian candidate.

KosBoy said...

Of course Romney is not a libertarian. He doesn't want to abolish the IRS, income tax, just about everything else, and go back to the gold standard. So therefore he's not "pure" enough.

But I thank him for giving Obama a great idea on how to reform healthcare.

Eric Dondero said...

Morgan, you may be voting Libertarian Party. Romney has an excellent shot of winning the nomination, a little less so now with Trump in the race.

At this point, I gotta say, it's either Trump or Romney. Outside shot Michele Bachmann?

That's why it's always good to have the LP on the ballot as a back-up choice.

Morgan said...

Wait until people start voting, Eric, before you start making predictions. Howard Dean was hailed as the frontrunner for the Democrat race in '04 until just before Iowa went to vote, and from that point on it went downhill.

McCain was not seen as the most likely to win the Republican race in '08 until New Hampshire went to vote, and by early March, he became the nominee in all but name.

Lofo said...

I prefer Bachmann over Trump. If we're going to have a wacky GOP nominee, I would at least want somebody who is sexy.