Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Corporate Welfare through Renewable Energy for Montana

Some Big Government Republicans side with Dems to pass legislation

From Eric Dondero:

Sounding like something straight out of an Ayn Rand novel, a renewable energy corporation out of Canada is pushing legislation to allow for seizure of private property rights in Eastern Montana. The Bill pits small landowners such as ranchers in Eastern Montana, against government-backed corporate interests and many environmental groups in support of renewable energy.

From the Great Falls Tribune "Montana Senate revives eminent domain bill":
HB198 would grant private developers — including Canadian developer Tonbridge Power — the ability to use eminent domain authority to condemn private property so that transmission lines can be built.
The company wants to build a 214-mile international Tie Line through Montana and Alberta.
The bill would [give] Tonbridge the authority it needs to condemn private property along the proposed MATL route in Montana.
Dem Gov. Schweitzer; history of siding against Property Rights

The legislation pitted one Republican against another.
After nearly three hours of debate, 16 Democrats sided with 12 Republicans to pass the measure.

Republican proponents of the measure, including Olson, said if the Legislature failed to enact HB198 it could doom the state's economy.
"We need an export economy in this state," Olson said. "We make money to fund our education system, and we make money to fund our senior services on an export economy. If a minority interest is going to shut down an export economy, if we continue to circulate that same stale dollar around the state, we're done."

Opponents of the measure, including Sen. Art Wittich, R-Bozeman, said the bill would give private corporations unprecedented power, while sacrificing the rights of private property owners.
"Corporate Socialism"; Big Business in bed with Big Government

"It's corporate socialism at its best," Wittich said.
Wittich (photo - top right) is quoted in
The Republican legislator was elected to the senate for the first time this past November.

Wittich serves as vice chair of the senate’s Local Government committee and is also assigned to the Fish and Game and Taxation committees.

He says key issues currently facing Montanans include balancing the state budget during a recession and balancing private rights and liberties with the public good.

“To me, good government is limited government that respects everyone’s rights and properties,” Wittich says. “I support accountability in government spending and promoting private sector prosperity by adding value to our resources.”
The Bill goes for a final vote on Thursday. Then, it heads to Democrat Governor Brian Schweitzer for his signature. It is not known if Schweizter would sign the legislation. Though, Schweitzer fought to keep a property rights initiative against eminent domain, sponsored by the libertarian group Americans for Limited Government, off the 2006 ballot.


Gary said...

***** Big Government Republicans side with Dems to pass legislation *****

There is no such thing as a "small" government Republican.

Last week the boondoggle California high-speed rail authority held a meeting in L.A. for 1,000 contractors. The chairman of the high speed rail urged all these private enterprise types to get on the phone and lobby big time for more government spending.

The Chairman of this of this horror is Curt Pringle, the last Republican Speaker of the California State Assembly. The snout in the trough is bi-partisan.

Eric Dondero said...

Hmmn? Really Gary? Ron Paul, Dana Rohrabacher, Michele Bachmann, Tom McClintock, Allen West, Jeb Henserling, Ed Royce, Senator Rand Paul, Sen. Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn.

All "big government Republicans" you say?

Gary said...

There are a few exceptions to all rules. But they are EXCEPTIONS only. The rule applies.

Just look at the "massive" budget cut deal that was just done to prevent a shut down.

The Democrats are honest whores.

The Republicans pretend to want small government while lining up 500 deep at the trough.

Chuck said...

"Just look at the "massive" budget cut deal that was just done to prevent a shut down."

Gee. Imagine that. People elected to be the government voting to keep the government going.

Does the stupid itch, "gary"?

Again, I'm sorry you got voted off Trump's show.

objectivist said...

Crony Capitalism is one of the worst products of the political system. Not only is it immoral, but it gives actual capitalism, the best and purest system, a bad name.