Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Egyptian Lt. Gen. Sami Enan to take over for Mubarak?


Lt. General of the Egyptian Armed Forces seen as likely successor

From Eric Dondero:

The French daily, Le Quotidien has just reported:
"La communauté intellectuelle d'Egypte demande à Amr Moussa, secrétaire général de la Ligue Arabe, et Sami Enan, chef des forces armées égyptiennes, d'agir en leaders de l'opposition. Nous ne voulons pas d'El-Baradei, il a passé trop de temps à l'étranger et ne sais rien de la réalité quotidienne du peuple égyptien. Il ne le représente pas", a déclare sur Facebook un professeur d'économie enseignant à l'Université Amércaine du Caire (AUC).
My translation:
"The intellectual community of Egypt calls on Amr Moussa, secretary general of the Arab League, and Sami Enan, Chief of the Egyptian armed forces, to act as leaders of the opposition. We do not want El-Baradei. He spent too much time abroad, and knows nothing of the daily reality of the Egyptian people. He does not represent us," declares on Facebook a professor of economics lecturer at the American University Cairo (AUC).
Le Quotidien links directly to the main Muslim Brotherhood website.

Essentially, the Muslim Brotherhood is now saying that El-Baradei is not a good representative for the MB, and that they want Lt. General Sami Enan represent them in talks with the Mubarak government.

And Reuters just reported an hour ago:
Cairo: Egypt's armed forces chief of staff Sami Enan could be an acceptable successor to Hosni Mubarak because he is perceived as incorruptible, a member of the banned Muslim Brotherhood said on Tuesday.

Kamel Al Helbawi, a prominent overseas cleric from Egypt's main opposition movement, told Reuters that Enan, who has good ties with Washington, was a liberal who could be seen as suitable by an opposition coalition taking shape on the streets of Egypt.
And the prominent Kuwaiti news service Gulf News just released a story under this stunning headline:
"Armed forces chief seen as Mubarak successor"
GulfNews notes:
[He was born in] 1948, in Cairo, and says he was trained in both Russia and France as well at a military academy in Egypt.
Enan was recently in Washington for talks with the Pentagon on regional issues such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Iran.

According to the DOD, Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff considers Enan to be a "stabilizing influence" right now on the ground in Cairo.

Note - I speak fluent French, and some basic Arabic. Photo - Enan in background.

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The Army has been in charge of Egypt for 50 years. What's new?