Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pro-Defense libertarian Neal Boortz speaker at Cato Florida function

From Eric Dondero:

Blogger Richard Young was an attendee at the Cato Institute Policies Initiative forum held at the Ritz Carlton, in Naples, Florida over the weekend. The honored guest speaker was Florida Governor Rick Scott. The Governor has been increasingly warming up to the libertarian movement, as of late.

But another well-known Floridian, not often associated with Cato was in attendence.
Libertarian radio host Neal Boortz was the featured lunch speaker and further energized the crowd with the type of upbeat and on the message address one would expect from Mr. Boortz. I can tell you that Americans, as represented by the folk I just spent some time with, are fed up. And I mean real fed up, not only with the Marxist-influenced Obama/Pelosi/Reid crowd, but also with the big government/nation-building Republican leadership. The audience was very much a states’ rights group, which has become increasingly incensed with government in Washington and is trying to do something about it.
Of note - Boortz has been at great odds with Cato over the years on foreign policy. Cato has maintained a strictly Ron Paul-like non-interventionist stance on all foreign policy matters. Boortz is a diehard Defense Hawk. He enthusiastically backed George Bush in 2004, and even served as an advisor for Libertarians for Bush.

From LibertyRepublicanforum:
Boortz has long been identified with the Pro-Defense wing of the Libertarian Party. In 2004, he bucked the AntiWar Libertarian nominee Michael Badnarik and publicly backed “Libertarians for Bush.” Boortz backed the War in Iraq at the time, and caught a great deal of criticism from Libertarian Party members for his stance.
Editor's note - The Libertarians for Bush website, was the originator of this website back in '04.


Anonymous said...

"Libertarians for Bush"?


Lofo said...

Neal Boortz is a neocon, not a libertarian.

Chuck said...

Loaf obviously has no idea what a libertarian is.

Neal Boortz has done more to further libertarian ideas than any other American alive today.

If loaf wasn't a confused child, loaf would know this.