Monday, January 31, 2011

Seat Belts don't always Save Lives - Don't believe the Government Hype


by T.L Davis

My family mostly wear seat belts. I have instructed them that they are better off wearing one than not, that statistics bear this out. I have also pointed out that I DO NOT and the reason for this is in protest to stupid laws that need not be laws at all. It is the moment they passed the seat belt law that I recognized their intent was not to make me safe, or to protect my little brain from damage, but to provide another means by which the average cop could gain access to my vehicle on fishing expeditions for illegal drugs, or weapons, or candy canes for all they cared, as long as they were gaining access.

If my little brain were the issue they would require not only seat belts, but also helmets because everyone knows that despite seat belts, the largest single cause of death in an automobile is head injuries. Where are the helmets? It would make more sense for the reasons listed below that seat belts not be used and helmets required.

Also, I did not like their method. Why not just put it up for a vote? They didn't do that, they imposed it largely by federal coercion.

Seat Belts make escape from a Vehicle much more difficult

Now, here is the crux of my objection to the LAW, not the BELT. Seat belts do not always save lives, they make survival more likely, but there are side impact crashes that trap individuals between the seat belt and the vehicle, crushing the individual body between them when otherwise they would be thrown to the other side of the vehicle. If you don't think seat belts provide enough resistance to crush a body, a tow truck driver told me that he rights upended cars using the left and right front seat belts as a sling to lift the car back onto its wheels. He doesn't wear a seat belt either and he has been on plenty of crash scenes, so spare me the "I'm a cop and I've seen the results" bs. The results largely would have been the same. And, there are no statistics being kept when a seat belt has caused the loss of life.

Seat belts make escape from a vehicle much more difficult and perhaps impossible when the vehicle is on fire or submerged. Seat belts trap people in cars when they would have been better off had they been thrown clear. The random and sheer luck aspect to this event cause me to want to leave it all in God's hands anyway.

For mountain driving on windy roads (I live in Colorado) next to raging whitewater rivers, not wearing a seat belt gives me a bit more comfort because tourists tend to run us off the road quite a bit as they gawk at the beautiful scenery and there is nowhere to go but in the water, where not minutes but split seconds count.

I will reiterate: seat belts mostly reduce the possibility of death or injury, but they do not prevent it and they damn sure do not prevent it every time and therefore it should not be a law. A law should be something where the percentages are not figured, that the outcome is absolute. For example a law against stealing is just, why? Because it is ALWAYS wrong to do so, it is always a crime against someone else's property.

T.L. Davis is a Tea Party activist and editor of T.L. in Exile (LR Blog Roll)


Bill589 said...

I understand totally. I have my own property to drive around on and always have to hook it up. I need to figure out how to unhook that flippin’ buzzer . . . .

Btw, a little word of advice: Always wear your seatbelt while carrying illegal drugs. Just sayin’.

Eric Dondero said...

You mean like cough syrup and Tylenol? Can't even buy them at the Wal-mart pharmacy any more without a slip from the doctor.

Bastards in the Obama administration!

Sheppard Salter said...

Could not agree more! And for the same reasons you mentioned.

Unknown said...

How come their are no lobbyist pushing for car helmet laws so people's brains will be protected in the event of a roll-over crash?

You'd think with all this talk about automobile safety that car-helmets would be one of the hot topics and debates.

All passengers including The Driver must wear a safety helmet at all times while the vehicle is motion. The safety helmet must be secured where it will not bounce around in the event of a collision.

Driver's are responsible for the passengers use of the helmets and may be fined not more then 1,000 dollars for each subsequent charge in the failure to use/secure car helmets.

How's that for a law?

Unknown said...

Edit: $1.000 dollars. I was so into making the law I forgot the dollar symbol. :p

Unknown said...

I hope somebody in the government is reading my proposal for car helmets and to forget about seat belts.

Remember that car helmet will save your life!

Dennis Hoffman said...

Paul I'm from Iowa where the fine is $127.00 for a single driver not wearing thier seat belt. I told a Highway Patrolman that I thought it was against my constitutional right to make me save my life. He then stated that it was the law so I had to obey it. I then asked him how many tickets he has issued for drivers going 59 miles an hour. Iowa law 55mph. He said he didn't keep that sat. Then i asked him how many seat belt tickets he has issued. He then said everyone I stop for a seat belt. Now what laws do they enforce and or forget? I think it has somthing to do with the value of the ticket and that is a taxation with out representation.