Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nikki Haley signals South Carolina opting out of ObamaCare

Obama at first holds firm, then makes a slight concession

Governor-elect Nikki Haley of South Carolina was one of a number of incoming governors to meet with Obama in D.C. over the weekend at the Blair House. Haley challenged Obama over his health care legislation.

From the Charleston Post & Courrier "Obama opens door for S.C. opt-out, Haley says" Dec. 3:
COLUMBIA -- Republican Gov.-elect Nikki Haley said President Barack Obama agreed Thursday to consider letting South Carolina opt out of the federal health care overhaul if the state comes up with its own solutions to meet some of the important conditions of the national legislation.

Haley said she told Obama that South Carolina could not afford the health care mandate, and that it would cripple small businesses.

"I respectfully asked him to consider repealing the bill," she said, to which he clearly stated he would not. "I pushed him further and said if that's the case, because of states' rights, would you at least consider South Carolina opting out of the program?"

Obama told her he would consider letting South Carolina opt out, she said, if the state could find its own solution that included a state exchange, preventing companies from bumping people for pre-existing conditions and allowing insurance pooling.
She went on to say that she felt that his response was "genuine."

The Governor-elect is now vowing to "crunch numbers" and come up with a solution that would meet Obama's demands, and allow for SC to get out of ObamaCare.

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Anonymous said...

Don't expect President Toonces to say he's happy with anything Haley comes up with to meet his conditions. It's the commie way, ya know.

Firgures it would be a Palin buddy to have the brass ovaries and be the only gov to bring up the opt-out for her state.

"I can't spare this (wo)man, (s)he fights!"


Anonymous said...

Since when did the POTUS get to decide who has to follow laws passed by Congress and who can "opt out" of complying with the law?

Thane Eichenauer said...

Obama made a slight concession which is no concession at all.