Friday, October 8, 2010

Stunner! Denver Post backs Tea Partyer Ryan Frazier

From Eric Dondero:

This race is tied. It's been tied for weeks now, with some polls showing libertarian-leaning Republican Ryan Frazier with a slight lead; others showing incumbent Democrat Ed Perlmutter up by 3 to 4.

This latest bombshell may tip the balance to Frazier.

From Denver Post, "A fresh voice in 7th District" Oct. 8
Colorado's 7th Congressional District is evenly divided among Democrats, Republicans and unaffiliated voters.

But its congressman, Democrat Ed Perlmutter, doesn't reflect that ideological diversity.

Since he was first elected in 2006, Perlmutter has been a solid vote for the Democratic majority in Congress, and has supported the Obama administration's over-reaching agenda. He voted for the cap-and-trade bill that would drive up energy costs as well as health care reform that will drive up costs, the so-called "card check" bill and the nearly $1 trillion stimulus.

His opponent, Republican Ryan Frazier, is a conservative whose votes may not end up reflecting the district's blend of ideological diversity either, but we think it's time for new blood in Congress.

We've long been advocates for split government, believing that America is better served when one party doesn't control Washington. Electing Frazier would help restore some of that balance.
Note - Frazier is now likely to be one of three Black Republicans elected to Congress this year. Tim Scott in South Carolina has only token opposition in an overwhelmingly Republican district. And latest polls show Allan West slightly ahead in south Florida.

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