Saturday, October 30, 2010

Did a Democrat just play the race card in Idaho race?

AD COMPARISON: Walt Minnick, ID vs. Sharron Angle, NV

From Eric Dondero:

The hotly contested Idaho congressional race, just got nasty. Incumbent Democrat Congressman Walt Minnick has released an ad highlighting Tea Party Republican Raul Labrador's alleged inaction in a case before the prosecutor's office regarding meth-amphetamine. The suspect Carlos Lopez, like Labrador, is Hispanic. The ad implies that Labrador actually assisted Lopez in escaping to Mexico.

Two weeks ago, Democrat operatives slammed Nevada's Sharron Angle for producing an ad against Harry Reid's lax record on border enforcement. Democrats claimed that the ad portrayed whites in a sympathetic light, and illegals as all Hispanic.

Yet as one can clearly see towards the end, unlike the Minnick ad, the Angle ad has one Hispanic construction worker expressing disdain at taxpayer money going to illegals. In contrast, in the opening scene of the Minnick ad, all the constituents he is meeting with are white.

Note - Ironically, in the past, Walt Minnick has been rather decent from a libertarian perspective as Democrats go. But most recently he declined to back repeal of ObamaCare. Polls show the race razor-tight.

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