Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jesse Jackson Jr. scandal may lead to another GOP pick up: Meet Republican Isaac Hayes for Congress

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From Eric Dondero:

A major scandal has erupted out of Chicago. In brief, Jesse Jackson Jr. Democrat Congressman for Illinois Dist. 2 is alleged to have offered $6 million in pay-for-play to former Governor Rod Blagojevich in exchange for the Obama Senate seat. The individual making the allegation is a Democrat fundraiser from Chicago. It is also alleged that this fundraiser paid for two roundtrip flights for a cocktail waitress/swimsuit model mistress of Jackson's, from D.C. to Chicago.

Many Right sites are now breaking the story. HotAir.com has full coverage. Our friend Stacy McCain at TheOtherMcCain.com has the knockout swimsuit photo of the model, and all her details. And of course, it's now headlining at Drudge. Oddly, the very big news sites, CNN and Fox News have yet to pick up on the story.

Another case of Blago Pay-for-Play

We'll leave the juicier aspects of the developing story up to our blogger partners like Stacy McCain. And believe me, having spoken with Stacy and other Right bloggers, this thing promises to get bigger and bigger in the coming days.

Our part of the story is as follows: We are friends and supporters of Isaac Hayes. Who is Isaac Hayes? He is the Republican candidate running against Mr. Jackson. He is a Tea Partyer and a self-described limited government conservative.

We were one of the very first national media to interview Isaac on "Libertarian Politics Live," back in June. We also ran this story on June 6:
Meet Isaac Hayes. No, not that Isaac Hayes. The same name is purely coincidental. This Isaac Hayes is the Republican nominee for US Congress in Il CD-2. The District includes the southside of Chicago to the Indiana border.

Hayes is a graduate of ISU, a young entrepreneur and a staff minister for Youth Ministries.

He was recently interviewed by RedState radio:

We need someone who has honesty and integrity leading this district. He [Jesse Jackson, Jr.] is the third consecutive congressman to be clouded in scandal in the 2nd congressional district. Gus Savage. Mel Reynolds before him. And now my opponent. We haven't had a break from corruption. We just need someone who can get through office without being caught up in scandal and corrpution.

Hayes's top issue: Education. He's a fierce proponent of vouchers and tuition tax credits:

The answer is not just more money. The answer is competition.

School vouchers open the door of possibility for our children to attend better and more racially integrated schools. Our legislators overwhelmingly send their children to private schools in DC because they can afford to. Even our current president enrolled his two daughters in private school. Unfortunately, the communities that are experiencing poor academic performance cannot afford to pay for alternative schools. School vouchers and tax credits can help to offset that disparity.


Isaac Hayes will be a guest on Libertarian Politics Live tomorrow at 3:00 pm cst. Tune in or listen to the podcast www.blogtalkradio.com/libertarian

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