Friday, June 18, 2010

Sharron Angle clarifies her position on Beer: Good enough for Libertarian-backing

From the Editors:

As our regular readers know we editorialized last week that Libertarian Republicans would hold off on enthusiastically backing Sharron Angle until she explained some troubling comments she made on legalized beer, which were made in a now defunct "libertarian" publication a few years ago. When asked about legalized marijuana, she seemingly suggested that beer was just as culpable of societal ills, and might be better off illegal.

Sharron Angle has now apparently heard our call for an explanation.

From an interview with John Gizzi, Human Events just released:
As to reports she opposed legalization of alcohol, Angle shook her head and replied: “Well, the issue came up from an article that they can’t find the original for, so that makes it suspect in the first place. In the context of the conversation—and it was with a libertarian group—we were talking about legalization of these things because they felt we can’t fight the war on drugs—that was their premise. My premise was that we need to be educating rather than legislating. As a ‘less government’ person, I believe that less regulation is always a better policy, and that is what I was referring to—on all levels.”

She added that Nevada is a “a 24-hour state. We deal with the proper use of alcohol all the time. It is an educational issue and we have problems with legislation.”
That satisfactorly answers our questions. Clifford Thies and I now heartily back her candidacy. We are joined by "Right Guy" Jim Lagnese, and Libertarian Politics Live Host Andre Traversa.

Note - our endorsement does not constitute endorsement by the Republican Liberty Caucus. They are still going through the decision process.


The Guy By The Door said...

Here is the original article.
You make up you mind about how truthful she is.

Eric Dondero said...

Either way, she obviously now understands the importance of the libertarian (pro-beer) vote in her coalition. And for that we are thankful, and now fully supportive of her candidacy.

The Right Guy said...

How can anyone be against Beer? Ok, may be the shitty stuff, but still. That's like being against cars because they are driven when a vehicular fatality is caused by DUI.