Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nikki Haley body slams Andre Bauer on Live South Carolina TV


From Eric Dondero:

Libertarian-leaning Nikki Haley takes libertarian-leaning Andre Bauer to task over Sex allegations allegedly released by his campaign.

If you want to see the fireworks, skip the droning Ted Baxter-like anchorman intro and fast forward to the 3 minute mark.

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The Right Guy said...

What is telling is that Bauer doesn't say he doesn't believe that the allegations are untrue. He said may or may not. He probably didn't like how it was going and threw the guy under the bus.

If it is true, she's a fucking idiot, but nothing is proven at this point, so it's moot. It's not like with Sanford where he ran off to Argentina.