Friday, May 21, 2010

Sarah Palin praises America's "libertarian streak"

From Eric Dondero:

Sarah Palin has long been rumored to be a libertarian Republican. Her first campaign workers and manager for her races for Wasilla Mayor in the 1990s were libertarians. She was was viewed for many years as the unofficial leader of the Alaska GOP's libertarian wing. In 2005, early on in her race for Governor, her opponents on the conservative side, started a whisper campaign, "Palin is really not a Republican, she's a Libertarian." She was also criticized in the GOP primary for having once openly supported reform of marijuana laws and having defended bar and tavern owners from religious conservatives who wanted to zone them out of town.

Palin's extensive libertarian background

In 2005/06 she attended two meetings of the Libertarian Party of Alaska at the invitation of Party Secretary (and Anchorage Libertarian supper club chairman) Rob Crist. Later in the campaign 3 of the 4 Executive Committee members of the ALP endorsed Palin, including Chairman Jason Dowell (the 4th was serving in the Army stationed in Iraq at the time.)

Dowell (photo) even held a sign for her the day before the election, right by her side, for 3 hours on a busy Anchorage street corner. When he first arrived, Palin excitedly screamed to all her supporters, "The Libertarians are here... The Libertarians are here... They're backing my campaign!"

The Libertarian candidate for Governor Billy Toien officially backed Palin 3 days before the election, urging via email blast to all Alaska Libertarians "Don't vote for me; Vote for Sarah." This earned Toien a big bear hug for Palin upon her victory on election night in front of nearly 1,000 political watchers at the downtown Egan Center in Anchorage.

Very early on in the GOP primary races for President in 2007, Palin in an interview strongly hinted that she was leaning Ron Paul for President.

Early in 2008 Adam Brickly, a self-described "libertarian-conservative" along with Libertarian Republican Steve Maloney, formed Draft Sarah Palin for VP. Another self-described "libertarian" Glenn Beck was the first national Television News host to have Palin on his show as a guest.

During the 2008 Vice-Presidential campaign, Palin was identified as a libertarian Republican for the first few days after her selection, but then the media template quickly shifted to her being a member of the religious right.

It now appears that the libertarian Palin may be back in full force.

Passionate support for libertarian Republican Rand Paul

From The Hill:
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) on Wednesday night hailed what she said was a "libertarian streak" in American politics.

Palin praised Rand Paul's win in a Kentucky Republican primary for Senate earlier this week, saying that candidates like him would be key in this fall's elections.

“Seeing that libertarian streak of his — that is what we need to balance out the leftist liberal overreach of government that’s in power right now," Palin said during an appearance on the Fox Business Network on Wednesday night. "Rand is going to be great.”

Rand Paul is seen as more of a libertarian Republican in the mold of his father, Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), who was also the Libertarian Party's candidate for president in 1988.
Radical for Capitalism

Later in the piece Palin emphasizes her hard-line free market philosopy:
“There’s no accountability [in government]," Palin said. "And that’s why people want to fire those people and bring in new people with a greater sense of what the free-market principles should be.”
Some have questioned Palin's libertarian credentials over the years. Purist libertarians, most assuredly those from the antiwar faction of the libertarian movement, have been particularly vitriolic in attacking Palin as "not really a libertarian" due to her pro-national security, pro-military stance.

This despite her extensive background as a movement libertarian.

Even so, her passionate support for Rand Paul's candidacy, and her most recent comments praising libertarians as published by The Hill, may now finally silence even the most hardened Palin critics in the movement.

Photo above Sarah Palin waving signs with supporters in Anchorage during the 2006 race for Governor.


Toaster 802 said...

How do you describe a Libertarian who believes in a strong military? Someone who I work with at C4L asked me earlier this week, and the best I could come up with was to send them to this site.

Any Ideas?

Eric Dondero said...

You've come to the right place. We are the unofficial home of the Libertarian Defense Caucus. We have a proud tradition going back to the 1970s when the LDC was most active. Our Senior Editor Cliff Thies was an original member of LDC. Ryan Christiano, contributor to this blog, is the current Acting Chairman of LDC.

We call ourselves "Pro-Defense Libertarians." You can also use "Goldwater Libertarians," or "Pro-Military Libertarian."

I prefer simply Pro-Defense Libertarian.

Our critics call us Pro-War Libertarians, but that is not quite right, cause we are not in favor of intervention abroad without being attacked first. And we generally oppose foreign aid, the IMF and membership in the UN.

Eric Dondero, Member
Libertarian Defense Caucus
(since the 1980s)

Doug said...

How about "Libertarian who believes in killing brown people who live in countries with weird names"

Eric Dondero said...

Or, how about Libertarians who believe in killing and and all people who attack our Homeland killing 3,000 of our fellow Americans?

Toaster 802 said...

Heh, when I said I was an Eric Dondero libertarian, the person said "What?"

So I sent them here.

To the troll doug;

If you want to call warmongers names, perhaps you should troll the DNC forums instead. I believe your dear leader is the current Kenyan in chief, and is busy using drones to kill brown people in counties with funny names RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Or has the STD's and drug use damaged your Marxist pleasure center son badly that you think Bush is still in office? Or is it simple intellectual dishonesty on your part...

Anonymous said...

Palin never would support Ron Paul for President, the guy is a loon

Ran / Si Vis Pacem said...

There's a zoograph of sorts, a dictionary of libertarian streams recently published. The one fact that stuck-out was that one entry missing is "libertarian" itself. It is quite possible to have two staunch libertarians in a room who agree on very little. No surprise that Defense is one such issue.

Eric Dondero said...

Toaster, you have my full blessing in calling yourself a "Dondero libertarian."

Dondero-ian or Dondero-ite would work, as well. But I don't like Dondero-ist.

Anonymous said...

pathetic, Paul so damaged he has to withdrawal from Meet the Press.

Chuck said...

Pathetic... Some nameless retard thinks withdrawal is a verb.

Chuck said...

"How about "Libertarian who believes in killing brown people who live in countries with weird names"

If only we could direct societal rage to people who were born white colored.

Imagine the benefits to said society.

I'll start:

White people are nothing more than a bunch of niggers.


Eric Dondero said...

Ouch! Chuck we luv ya man, but I wish to refrain from the use of that word in any manner, shape or form on this blog, even to express an ironic point.

Eric - the Management

Lofo said...

Sarah Palin is not a libertarian, and Rand Paul is not really a libertarian like his father. He is a conservative.

Sarah Palin endorsed John McCain, a statist Republican. Sarah Palin endorsed Fiorina, instead of a true conservative like Chuck DeVore.

But to her credit, her endorsement of Rand Paul was the right move.

DEO said...

I think $arah is registered Republican.
After that she goes with whatever is going to get her her next $100,000.00 check.
Grow up.