Thursday, April 1, 2010

NYC's Conservative Punk Todd Seavey hired by Fox News??


Just breaking...

Todd Seavey (photo 2nd from left) of "Conservatism for Punks," and the longtime science writer/editor for American Council on Science and Health, may be going to Fox News.

Libertarian Republican received a tantalizing notice that Seavey "may be going to work for the fairest cable news organization in all the land." Though, the name of the media outlet was ommited.

Seavey has worked with Fox in the past, mostly in defending the rights of cigarette smokers; John Stossel show from He is a longtime participant and speaker at libertrian events such as Americans for Limited Government, Sam Adams Alliance, Cato, Reason, and the Manhattan Libertarian Party.

He recently sent out an email notice for his regional tour promoting Ayn Rand's individualist treatise.
As journalists everywhere should be documenting, I am trekking to three campuses this year to give Ayn Rand's speech "Faith and Force: Destroyers of the Modern World" on the fiftieth anniversary of her delivery of it in these places (beginning with Yale and ending with Columbia). This Sunday (coincidentally Easter), April 4, 2010, at 11am, I will give the speech (followed by Q&A) on the steps of the library of Brooklyn College, facing the main green. Join me there or travel with me from Manhattan on the F train by rallying at precisely 10am that morning on the western steps of Bryant Park. Nothing can poszibley go wrong.
Editor's Note - our source assures us this is no April Fool's joke. Seavey indeed really is in line for a big promotion.


Todd Seavey said...

Well, _some_ of that is accurate. More details in the months to come.

Eric Dondero said...

I fully trust our source.