Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gene Simmons of KISS: Obama's foreign policy "Wimpy" and "Pathetic"

Hit them overseas, before they attack us

Gene Simmons was interviewed by Fox's Megan Kelly on Thursday. The interview centered on Simmons' new business projects. But he answered some public policy questions, as well.

From Fox News:

I voted for Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama. We can disagree for instance on certain social issues, and completely disagree with our pathetic foreign policy. It's wimpy. We don't have the backbone to step up and recognize danger a thousand miles before it hits us. Unfortunately, we react better when its Pearl Harbor. We have to get a punch in the nose. I don't believe that.
Simmons on Domestic Policy: No to ObamaCare, Yes to Personal Liberty

Simmons went on to comment on Obama's health care proposal:
I think the worst thing we can do right now is health care... When the government gets involved it's disaster.
Gene Simmons has been called "Ayn Rand in the extreme." He has described himself as an Ayn Randian of sorts, in numerous interviews over the years, and has cited her as an inspiration for his works.

In response to reader mail, Simmons once wrote on his website:
Ayn Rand: One of my heros
Simmons authored a book in 2003, "SEX, MONEY, KISS"; an ode to capitalism and rugged individualism. Wrote Simmons:
"Stand there proudly, unapologetically, unabashedly, and say, I love cash. It will get me everything I want in life."
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Anonymous said...

I watched him on FNC yesturday. He was great. No surprise why he's very well liked.


William said...

Simmons wants a strong foreign policy that goes after the bad guys, yet he voted for Clinton and Obama. Shut up and sing! Or in Simmons case, shut up and and play bass while sticking your tongue out at the audience.

Eric Dondero said...

Yup, there's a bit of a contradiction there. But I might be able to explain the Clinton part.

As you know, Simmons is a huge whoredog, claims to have had sex with over 3,000 women in his life. That's your Bill Clinton connection.

stefan said...

Eric, RP has seen more p.... etc. than you, Simmons and Clinton put together, more than 4000... an aspect you may not have considered...

Also check out this: said...

Gene Simmon's new company Cool Springs Life Equity Strategy is going to make a killing with this new concept of loaning money to rich people against their life insurance policies. Its a no brainer with the increase in taxes coming soon.