Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lt. Col. Allen West, Republican for Congress, on the threat from Radical Islam to America and American ideals

Speech last weekend at C-PAC, Washington, DC

"A Nation goes to War against an ideology. We are talking today about a theocratic, totalitarian ideology, and it is called Islam." -- Allen West, Republican candidate for the US House, Florida
Accompanied by Pro-America accoustic guitarist Jon David of California.


Dan Sheill said...

Eric, need I remind you that this is a libertarian blog? While CPAC is a fine event, it's for conservatives. That's why we didn't talk about the Ron Paul straw poll results right?

Steven M Nielson said...

Listening closely to what this candidate is saying is that it is better to push Christian beliefs into the heart of Islam than for Islam to push their beliefs into the heart of Christianity... kind of like 'pick a side and hang on for the ride'??? Should America, a nation founded by Diests and religious libertarians, be involved in a holy war pushing Christianity into Mecca? Understanding the situation in which we find ourselves, I do find it hard to support candidates pushing a pro-war agenda! It is nothing more than enforcing american authoritarianism over islamic authoritarianism... which is more dangerous? Both destroy liberty... you be the judge. I cannot support this guy based on what I see here this night!

Chuck said...

"a nation founded by Diests "

Why lie? It simply sullies everything else you write. You destroy your own credibility for no reason. I don't get why you people feel this compulsion.

Eric Dondero said...

I'm a Deist to the core. First, Chuck, the Nation was founded by Deists. There's little controversy about that. And you shouldn't be upset Chuck, cause many argue that we Deists, are a subset of Judeao-Christianity. I tend to agree.

Secondly Steven, my gosh, you're damned sure right, that we should choose Christianity over Islam. There is NO! tradition of Islam in American culture. None whatsoever.

And let's remember Jefferson fought a long and hard War on the North African coast against Islamo-Fascists of the day to keep the sea lanes open and free.

You should read some of his writings from the day. He forewarned that the American Republic would be fighting these "muslim hordes," for centuries.

I think you need to re-learn your history. You seem to have forgotten that fact.

Chuck said...

This nation was founded by Christians, Eric. Nothing but empty shreds of innuendo exist to suggest otherwise. It's a fine point, but I've never understood the desire by some to cling to the fiction that even a plurality of the founders were "Deists" in any meaningful sense of the word. Hell, even Jefferson referred to himself as a Christian (despite having some unorthodox views)

Cicero said...

There is a lot of hot air and throwing of red meat at the crowd going on by West.

With terrorism we are not at war against a nation. We are at war with individuals and we are being helped by many friendly Moslem governments.

Steven M Nielson said...

Eric -

I know my history pretty well - but the context for West's statements seems more in line with a crusade than witha war against muslim extremism. This alone makes me a little cautious about the guy. Secondly, everything about him screams 'war'... and I have to ask myself if THAT is what this country or world needs. Perhaps, sticking to historical context, 'they fight because we're there'... just like the southern war for independence against the union... most southerners fought NOT because they were trying to protect some institution, rather because there were soldiers on their land...

Let's think of some innovative ways to get from point A to point B. War seems like a pretty used up answer - what is the road LESS travelled? (is war necessary or justified at times - yes... so DECLARE war!)

Chuck - you left out the "and religious libertarians"... there IS a reason that GOD or JESUS are NOT mentioned in the founding documents... Reference is made to Nature's God or the Creator... and there was SPECIFIC instruction for congress NOT to establish a state church under ANY banner - muslim, christian, jewish, or otherwise... We were intended to worship and revere - but it was NOT, and IS NOT, the role of the government or even the simple Christian majority to dictate to whom or how!

Without knowing anything about my faith you label me as "you people" for making an historically correct analysis. I am proud to be labelled as 'you people' because in this sense 'you people' are the ones free enough to speak a simple truth. Does it change anything - NO. So why try to re-write the history of America?

Chuck said...

"So why try to re-write the history of America?"

You first, bub.

"there IS a reason that GOD or JESUS are NOT mentioned in the founding documents."

Yes there is. Thing is, I'm the only one between us who knows what that reason is. You see, my little history buff, each individual State had it's own official (State)religion and no one in the position of ratifying a new constitution would stand for one imposed by a Federal entity.

Again, if the nation were founded by Jews, I would find it interesting trivia, but I wouldn't look at that and then say the nation was founded by Muslims for the sake of sounding provocative. While there is no case to be made that the Federal Government is in any discernible way "Christian" in it's makeup; the fact remains that the overwhelming majority of the men who created this nation were self-identified Christians. To argue otherwise is to argue against the obvious. The question remains...why make the argument? To what end? It certainly isn't for the sake of finding truth because even a casual examination of the lives of these men would put the matter to rest in minutes.

So why?