Monday, February 8, 2010



Guevara's Party gains Four seats in Congress

From Eric Dondero:

Final totals from Costa Rica are now starting to come in. And although the Libertarian Party (Movimiento Libertario) lost the Presidential race, with a vote total less than expected, 21% to winner Laura Chinchilla's 47%, they now appear to be the biggest winners in Deputy races for the Costa Rican Congress.

Already there's talk that President Chincilla of a center-right party, will have to "deal with the rightist" Libertarians to form a working majority in the congress.

From Raw Story:
Chinchilla... won 47 percent of the votes counted late Sunday... However, deputies from her ruling National Liberation Party (PLN) won barely 38 percent, as voting here increasingly favors political minorities.

Otton Solis [leftist party] lagged more than 20 points behind Chinchilla.

Chinchilla's other main opponent, Otto Guevara, only reached third place but his pro-business Libertarian Movement Party was set to increase its seats from six to 10.
And a Costa Rica blog that covers the elections Partidos Politicos confirms that Movimiento Libertario has indeed gained seats, but gives a slightly different figure saying that they actually went up from 5 seats to 10.
Dos partidos de oposición aumentaron su presencia parlamentaria: el derechista Movimiento Libertario, que tendría diez representantes, el doble de los que logró elegir en las elecciones de 2006...
Translation: Two opposition parties raised their presence in parliament: The rightist Libertarian Movement, who will have 10 representatives, double that of what they gained in the elections of 2006.


Gary said...

Too bad we don't have free elections in the U.S.

---90% of our Federal races are uncontested.

---The 10% that are "contested" are battles between Billionaire Cartels of special interests. Common people are an optional extra.

The Republic is Dead.

Eric Dondero said...

Gary, stop the negs. This is a joyous day for celebration for all Libertaians Worldwide!!!

We can really do without the negativity on any level.

Otto didn't win, but he boosted the number of Libertarians in Congress, from 5 to 10. That's a glorious achievement!!!

Saludos Otto Guevara! Saludos! Saludos! Saludos!!!

Gary said...

Yes. I am happy they have made headway.

Freedom gains a little ground.

Couves said...

That's 10 seats of 57 are now Libertarian - not bad.

Looking at the CIA world factbook, it seems to say that the ML won 6 seats in the 2006 election but only had 5 seats as of January 2009. So they lost one. Was it a defection? Something happened but I just can't remember.

Couves said...

Gary, The Republic has been dead for some time now..;-)

Gary said...

A simple majority vote of the House of Representatives can restore the Republic by adding hundreds of seats.