Sunday, February 7, 2010

Libertarian Live Blogging the Rick Perry Rally with Ted Nugent & Sarah Palin - Houston, TX

1:20 pm - We have arrived. About 10 of us Texas Bloggers are positioned on Blog Row one level up from the floor, up front, close to the stage.

The Perry Campaign folks have been very accomodating and quite professional.

Lots of bands, flag holders, inside the Berry Arena (northwest Houston) warming up for the event. Looks like the Arena could seat 8 to 10,000.

Line out front is already around the Arena. Festive atmosphere. One very tall gentleman decked out in full Uncle Sam costume.

2:03 pm

The hall is starting to fill up. Lots of homemade "Perry for Texas," and "Houston luvs Perry," signs. The media area down below is full. 8 to 10 television news cameras. Word is Fox News (national) is here.

2:11 pm

Starting to get a Tea Party feel. Same type crowd. More signs: "Stop the Bailouts," "Washington is Broken," and "Hands off my Pistol."

2:23 pm

Things getting underway. Band playing Texas music.

2:34 pm

Dan Patrick, State Senator from Northside Houston is emceeing. Talking Twitter -

Crowd could be 3,000 to 5,000?

2:47 pm

Patrick: "We've got the strongest economy in the United States!" Crowd roars.

3:01 pm

Patrick: "He believes in the capitalist system... he believes in the 10th Amendment..."

3:02 pm

Ted has arrived on stage!

3:03 pm

Ted: "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could... Texas is the Number One State in the Nation..."

Star Spangled Banner...

"God Bless Texas, God Bless Governor Perry and God Bless Sarah Palin"

3:10 pm

Sarah and Rick arrive. George Straight blaring...

Folks, it doesn't get any better than this. I am literally in tears.

Oh my, her outfit is wild! Piper w/Sarah. Both standing right next to Ted. Rick speaking. "There's a game going on today, but the real action is here..."


Michael Williams, Texas Railroad Commissioner is here! He is heavily rumored replacement for US Senate seat of Kay B. Hutchison, if she resigns. A good friend of the Governor.

The Gov. just recognized Williams on the stage.

3:21 pm

Gov: 2/3rds supermajority of the legislature for any tax increase.

Balanced Budget Amendment for the entire country.

"Washington would be a lot better off if they did things the Texas way...

They'd be a lot better off if Sarah Palin was running things too."

Sarah speaking...

Takes a little jab at Texas: Piper, "we're going to visit Alaska's little sister state..."

In Alaska, "we proudly cling to our guns and religion."

Salute to our Veterans.

Makes a little joke about seccession.

Mentions Glenn Beck.


"That government is best, which governs least"

"Rick and I believe in what Ronald Reagan believed, and it's all about American success."

Another Sign: "Keep Washington out of Texas"

Rick gives Sarah proclamation as honorary Texan.

Thunderous Applause

Rick Perry signs off, "Let's keep moving Texas forward, and may God continue to bless the great State of Texas..."


Anonymous said...

Any sign of Medina supporters?

Eric Dondero said...

Nope. Not a one.

Anonymous said...

Is it "sold out?"

Eric Dondero said...

They didn't sell tickets. It was sign up for tickets.

And kindly stop posting as Anonymous. Thanks

Sean Jackson, Austin said...

Is the auditorium filled to capacity? I'm new to this commenting thing...didn't know it was rude to post anonymous.

Eric Dondero said...

Not on very top decks. Near full below.

Lots gathered on the floor standig right in front of the stage.

Anonymous said...

Wow. The Nuge doing the National Anthem. Hope people bought their earplugs if they couldn't handle that kind of music. Great article. And I hope Michael Williams get KBH's seat.


William said...

I'm very happy you had the honor of being up close to such great folks, Eric.

Gary said...

****"Rick and I believe in what Ronald Reagan believed." - Palin****

Is that the part where Reagan spent money like a New Deal Leftist on crack; never cut programs and grew Big Brother government?

Chuck said...

Explain to everyone how the person of the President is the entire Federal Government of the United States, Gary.

Children. Brainless, helpless children.

Anonymous said...

All Presidents have something called a VETO.

Maybe you have heard of it.

Chuck said...

Ahh! At last a genius comes down from the mountain! Smart folk are all around us like angels. They tell us smart stuff all the time. All the time...cuz they're smart.

Chuck said...

I can remember like it was yesterday when Eisenhower patented Velcro. I was also fond of Theodore Roosevelt's invention of the flying machine which later came to be called the "aeroplane". Don't forget how Bill Clinton mapped the human genome. I forget which president gave us radio and television, but I'm sure he a was a really good one.

Thank goodness for presidents, we owe them all our thanks and all our complaints.

Eric Dondero said...

Readers, just finished uploading a few photos from the event; some decent, others excellent. Last one in particular which will show Piper Palin, Ted Nugent, Sarah, Rick, and Michael Williams in the "glow" of the stage.

Please not, the photo shoot will be our only post for the early day tomorrow.

We'll return to regularly scheduled articles later in the day.

Eric - The Management

Ran said...

Gary screws-up history again...

Note, Reagan pushed as far as he could against the Democratic dominated Congress to obtain the smallest spending he could. Tip and the Dems held the keys, not Reagan. "Reagan" didn't create the legislation and there was no pro-Reagan media to support his vision. Freakin' miracle Regan got anything in his direction at all, come to think of it.

Off-hours Reagan was a constant voice for smaller government, limited spending, reduced regulations and maximized individual responsibilities.

But hey, let's not allow a few facts get to in the way of the great anti-Reagan story...