Sunday, January 10, 2010

Republican leading statewide initiative in California to Legalize Marijuana

He calls himself a "Libertarian Republican"

California is moving towards full legalization of marijuana. 2010 will see a ballot iniative to allow small amounts to be sold for recreational as well as medicinal use. It has the full backing of Republican Governor and former pot smoker Arnold Schwarzenegger. Moreover, the individual leading the ballot initiative is a Schwarzenegger friend, and is also a Republican.

From SF correspondent Richard Paddon, Sphere @ AOL:
Richard Lee, the founder and president of Oaksterdam University, is a veteran activist who also is sponsoring a statewide ballot measure that would allow adults 21 or older to possess and grow relatively small amounts of marijuana. The initiative also would allow cities and counties to tax and regulate marijuana sales and cultivation.

Lee calls himself a "Libertarian Republican." He owns several other businesses in the neighborhood, [Oakland] including a medical marijuana dispensary. He has donated more than $1 million to the initiative campaign.

Supporters of the measure have collected 680,000 signatures, far more than the 433,971 required. Lee plans to submit the petitions this month and hopes to qualify for the November ballot. The university's old building a block away will become campaign headquarters.
Lee, who suffers from an illness that leaves him wheelchair bound, is a legal medicinal marijuana user.


William said...

Well fuck me dead! I am, what is the word... nonplussed. Took me five minutes to reel my jaw off the floor after reading this article.

Oakland is the belly of the beast. Literally right next door to Berzerkeley, [Berkeley] the west coast bastion of "progressivism." Richard Lee must make left coast "liberals" boil with rage because not only is he a Republican, but a Libertarian Republican.

Damn, I can't wait to rub this into the noses of leftist retards, especially hippie leftist retards I know who smoke reefer. This article has made my day... even before my first cuppa.

I better read this again, as I just woke up.

Eric Dondero said...

Notice how this isn't get much play outside of the Pot Press?

Conservatives don't want to talk about it, cause they're generally less-than-enthusiastic about Pot.

Liberal media doesn't want to talk about it, cause the guy's a "Republican," Gasp!

Libertarian media like Reason, doesn't want to talk about it, cause once again, Gasp! the guy's a "Republican."

So, it's left up to the very narrow group of Right Libertarian media to discuss this: LR, Left Coast Rebel, Right Guy, Right Stuff, Stacy McCain, and maybe HotAir, American Spectator and PJ Media if we're lucky.

chuck said...

Why is there anything surprising about the fact the guy is a republican? It's the democrats who are totalitarian statists, not republicans.

Libertarian Voluntaryist said...

I included this story in my post today, Sunday Afternoon Liberty-Oriented Links.

I consider myself a pretty radical libertarian, but I will give credit to anyone, regardless of political affiliation, as long as they are working and striving toward liberty on their particular issue.

Those who are concerned with liberty, must take all of the help they can get, regardless of what end of the political spectrum the help is coming from.

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sandyseashells said...


Anonymous said...

fyi: William, et al having allies on a common issue generally doesn't make people's blood boil. In some instances having support from a diverse group of people actually lends more credence to your argument and fosters feelings of comradery.

Have fun showing this to your "hippie leftist retard" friends, nothing motivates people to join you on an issue and rally around a common cause like rubbing their nose in it.

Anonymous said...

Lets see the Republicans get behind the legalization of pay per view sex (prostitution), and adopt the European model; Control it, regulate it, permit it, tax it, use it! I'm a registered Repub. but my stong leaning's are always libertarian, in nature. Signed, Bleeding Heart Conservative from the Central Coast

chuck said...

Yeah. Because Europe is the sort of model that people who love America would wish to follow.

In decline, self-loathing, degenerate and dependent.

Smart folks abound.

M. Simon said...

I'm a little late to the party, but I just posted this to a mostly lefty anti-prohibitionist list I'm on.

The question was: given Holder's recent Oct. 2010 announcement that he would go after Calif if Prop. 19 passes, how would the youth vote break? Would prop. 19 bring them out? Would Holder's remarks make them vote R?

Well of course I put in a link to here in my email response.

But this comment might amuse you:

I’m beginning to think the Teatards are right, maybe we should drown the Fed Gov. in a bathtub.

Casey said...

Eric Dondero: have you ever considered the possibility that there are political conservative Republicans who have turned against the "war on drugs" due to concerns about civil rights violations? Not to mention a significant increase in political control over one's private life?

True, this is not a popular position for many conservatives, but you can still find anti-WOD posts on National Review Online, possibly one of the most country-club publications out there.

It's not hard to find "decriminalizationist" positions amongst putatively conservative commenters, if you know where to look. Jerry Pournelle has weighed on this upon occasion, and just recently Neptunus Lex expressed his dissatisfaction with the "war on drugs."

Please try not to overgeneralize so much.