Saturday, November 7, 2009

Libertarian Group calls for Apology from Obama for his insulting and inappopriate Remarks after Ft. Hood

By Bill Wilson

Yesterday, in an unspeakable act of domestic terrorism, a Fort Hood psychiatrist with a long history of erratic and anti-American behavior systematically murdered 13 American soldiers.

As a stunned nation hung its head in sorrow, it was told that the President of the United States would emerge from the White House to make a statement.

And, indeed, he did make an obligatory statement of regret – but only after spending three full minutes in front of the camera clowning with his fellow cabinet members and those who had shown up earlier for his hastily convened Indian Summit. The President even went so far as to do a fun-filled "shout-out" to one Summit attendee.

Then, and only then – at the conclusion of his self-serving stand-up routine – did Barack Obama get around to deploring the massacre and extending sympathy to the bereaved families and a grieving nation.

Mr. Obama's behavior was entirely inappropriate, and deplorable. He showed that he is eerily detached from events that do not directly involve his own personal ambitions and chillingly disinterested in the feelings of those he is supposed to represent.

One year ago, good and decent Americans entrusted this President with their health and welfare, their very lives and limbs. And he has now demonstrated that they cannot even trust him to share and convey their innermost feelings in their times of deepest need.

Barack Obama owes the American people an apology – and an explanation.

Bill Wilson is the President of Americans for Limited Government.


Anonymous said...

I'm praying that Rush was right when he said that he predicted that Obama is a one-term president.
He's a disgrace and needs to be impeached.


Eric Dondero said...

I agree. It's time for calls of impeachment.

Dana Rohrabacher, one of my all-time heros, is wrong on this one. He says not time yet. I say, Post-Ft. Hood, it's time.

He's not protecting America. That's his primary responsibility as Commander in Chief.

Alex said...

BTW, some libertarians on the paleo-right are justifying this attack as somehow brought on by Jewish neocons. I've read that on Althouse by a user called "Cederford". He's not alone, cheered on by the likes of Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Ron Paul.

The Right Guy said...

Really Alex? Show the links.

Eric, look at the context of Obama's shout out. Who was he speaking to? Some of those people probably cheered at the Ft. Hood incident.

The sad thing is Pelosi is going to take advantage of this and try to push that debacle through congress under the cover of the media frenzy.


Obama is both incompetent and wrong. I mean who the hell watches a documentary on oneself during election night? He's some leader of the american party...And totally self-absorbed. Even Carter had better sense

traveler_in_time said...

This is so reminiscent of the Ron Brown/Bill Clinton funeral incident where Clinton was caught on camera laughing it up until he noticed he was being filmed and he immediately went into his fake mourning act.
I guess some things are standard fare over at the big "D".

Alex said...

The Right Guy - here's an example of what I'm talking about:

Kn@ppster said...

"This is so reminiscent of the Ron Brown/Bill Clinton funeral incident where Clinton was caught on camera laughing it up"

Yeah it reminded me of that.

It also reminded me of George W. Bush yukking it up over his WMD lies at the Press Club dinner, when he KNEW he was being filmed ("where could those WMDs have gone? Maybe they're here under the tablecloth!").

The Right Guy said...

Shit, the GOP isn't even demanding an apology. Michael Steele should be at the White House front door knocking right now, but then again, Mr. Potato Head must have better things to do.

Are there still conspiracy theorists around that still believe Brown was killed?

Anonymous said...

Dondero, you've got the very best political site on the web, hands down. Amazing how much good stuff you post every day.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we see more libertarian groups coming forward to attack Obama on this? Where's the Libertarian Party?

Kn@ppster said...

"Why don't we see more libertarian groups coming forward to attack Obama on this?"

Because it's somewhere toward the bottom of the 1 million most compelling/newsworthy issues.

Yes, Obama's an assclown. We all know he's an assclown. He's been an assclown for a long time. He would probably medal in the Assclown Olympics. That's not news.

The Indentured Servant Girl said...

This incident highlights why we need an immigration moratorium.

Also...I'd hardly blame Obama for the attack at Ft. Hood. Blame the idiot who made Ft. Hood a "gun-free zone". Seriously. You can't carry a an ARMY BASE? That's crazy. But it proves once again...gun control kills.

Kn@ppster said...


"This incident highlights why we need an immigration moratorium."

Unless by "immigration" you mean "movement from Virginia to Texas pursuant to military station assignment orders," it means no such thing.

Hasan was an American -- born in Arlington, Virgina -- and had been serving in the military for somewhere in the neighborhood of 15-20 years (8 years as an enlisted man before getting his medical degree and commission circa 2001).

You're absolutely right about the "gun-free zone" thing, though.

The Indentured Servant Girl said...

@Kn@ppster said...

Tell that to the folks in Dearborn Michigan. I think we've imported more than enough Muslims.

Eric Dondero said...

Hasan hardly qualifies for the label "American." He may have been born here, but his allegiances and cultural values clearly were aligned with Radical Jihadists in Palestine.

Alex said...

Eric - wouldn't the same logic apply to Obama? He clearly identifies with our enemies, not America.

Kn@ppster said...


Which part of "Hasan was not 'imported,' he was born in Virginia and is an American citizen and long-time US soldier" did you not understand?

I'm not trying to argue immigration with you here -- I'm simply pointing out that THIS INCIDENT had nothing whatsoever to do with immigration, and therefore doesn't "highlight" what you claim it does.

It obviously has a lot to do with the fact that he's a Muslim, but that's a different story. "Muslim" doesn't necessarily mean "immigrant" any more than "Lutheran" does.

Eric Dondero said...

Knapp, you just don't get it do you???

Just because someone is born in the United States, DOES NOT MAKE ONE AN AMERICAN!!!

If one rejects our Culture, our Values, our History, our Military, and our Flag, than one is NOT IN ANY MANNER, SHAPE OR FORM AN AMERICAN.

They're just some jerkoff asshole, who happened to be born within out borders.

Alex said...

Eric - anyone who says otherwise is a 5th columnist.

Kn@ppster said...

"If one rejects our Culture, our Values, our History, our Military, and our Flag, than one is NOT IN ANY MANNER, SHAPE OR FORM AN AMERICAN."

Hasan served 8 years enlisted in the US armed forces -- and then became a commissioned officer for another 8 years or so. Hardly a "rejection of" American culture, values, history, military and flag ... and zero, zip, zilch, nada, goose-egg to do with immigration.

Something prompted his transformation from not just an American, but a vigorously patriotic one, to an anti-American jihadist.

Maybe -- and I'm just spitballing here -- it might be worth figuring out what caused that transformation instead of just trying to use it to promote an irrelevant immigration argument.

Eric Dondero said...

Thank you. You are exactly correct. He spent 8 years in the Military as an undercover Radical Jihadist infiltrator, and most likely spy.

As soon as he's recovered, he should be immediately executed for treason. My preference: a firing squad as is the tradition with spies.

The Right Guy said...

technically, Tom is correct. He is an American. Just a shitty one. It may be proved that he was a lurker, and if so, we have a lot more to worry about. Remember Telefon?

Right now the administration controls the narrative on this. If Obama tries to scuttle anything that would be negative towards islam, I am sure there will be people in the Army that will think otherwise and word will get out. There is no way this is a case of vicarious PTSD like the NYT is trying to paint it. At the very least he is a loser that turned to fundamental islam because he had nothing going in his life. It only gets worse from there.

Kn@ppster said...


I agree. He should be executed for treason (his crime fits the constitutional definition of it), and he also qualifies as a spy (wearing the uniform of one side while fighting for the other).

As to his past record, I think you're wrong. I think he became a jihadist recently, and here's why:

As recently as a year ago, he was stationed at Walter Reed and attending "Homeland Security" seminars with federal VIPs present.

If he'd been a dedicated jihadist at that time, he'd have done something about it THERE, where he could have done a lot more prominent damage, a lot closer to a lot more TV cameras, instead of waiting for an opportunity to off a few enlisted soldiers at a base in Texas.

If he was a member of a jihadist cell or answered to a chain of command in a jihadist organization, they'd certainly have rather used him that way; if he was a lone wolf, he'd rather have gone out with the bigger bang.

He didn't do just 8 years in the military -- more like 18. He did 8 years ENLISTED before becoming an officer, which seems to have been 8 or 9 years ago.

Something changed with him in the last year or so.

Kn@ppster said...

Right Guy,

Telefon was a kickass movie ("miles to go before I sleep"). I was disappointed to find that Netflix doesn't have it. Had to go with The Mechanic instead when I needed a Bronson movie fix.

I don't think Hasan was a "sleeper." If he had been, they'd have used him in DC, not Killeen.

The Right Guy said...

Coud be. Like I said, at the very least he was a loser that turned to inslamity.

Eric Dondero said...

So, within the last year he turned from Radical Jihadist to Radical Murderous Jihadist. What's so hard to figure about that?