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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HUGE NEWS OUT OF TEXAS!! Scores of Democrat County Officials Switch to Republican

Just Breaking...

From Eric Dondero:

Libertarian Republican has just learned that GOP officials believe that as many as 50 to 70 elected officials on the county level throughout Texas could be switching from Democrat to Republican by the filing date for the 2010 elections. The news comes to us from Bryan Preston, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Texas out of Austin. Preston hosted an exclusive conference call for Right bloggers earlier this afternoon, including LR, and libertarian Republican Stacy McCain of The Other McCain.

The special guest for the conference call was newly appointed RPT Chair Cathie Adams. Ms. Adams made the official announcement.

Details are still not available at this time. They should be released later this evening and into tomorrow.

What we do know is that the Party Switchers appear to be mainly within 4 Counties: Palo Pinto, McColloch, Hardin, and another yet to be named. Hardin has 8 expected Party Switchers. A Judge has already switched in Palo Pinto and another 3 or 4 are expected within the coming days. By the end of the week said Preston, there could be as many as 10 County elected officials who have switched parties from these 4 Counties.

Commented Preston on the main reason for the Switching: Today's election results with Republicans on the verge of a blow-out and the fact that "Obama's name is becomming poison here in Texas."


The RPT has just released preliminary information on a press release at RPT.org


Ran said...

Leopards don't lose their spots. So what's with this? These guys all got relijun in a hurry?

patrick said...

Beware the Scozzofavas. Are these conservatives tired of the national direction the Dems are going or are these opportunists pulling a reverse-Spectre?

Christopher Budden said...

I would second Patrick's comment. This party switching business for the sake of holding onto their careers is precisely the kind of stuff that the American people are tired of. Term limits baby! That's the only way to get principled people! Sure...you're going to also lose some good people when their term is up...but, you also get rid of the Barney Franks, Chris Dodd's and other career politicians that drag our country into the sewer!

Eric Dondero said...

It drives the liberal media nuts. Drives a stake through the heart of their meme "The Republican Party is on the decline."

You gotta love that.

Alex said...

Eric - but let's not celebrate RINOs. Meanwhile I'm pretty sure Chucky is crying in his milk tonight.

M. Simon said...

They are a bunch of opportunists.

It does show where the opportunity lies.

JoeinTX said...

A county-level Democrat in Texas is by-and-large like a Republican in most of the rest of the part of the U.S.

Due to the primary system here in Texas, the Democrat Party is much stronger (especially in rural areas) and a lot of otherwise conservative candidates participate in the Dem Primary system. Heck, I'm reg'd Democrat to vote as a result because the GOP doesn't operate a precinct in my VERY Conservative rural location. I grew up right next to Palo Pinto County.....those guys aren't libs by any stretch of the imagination....