Monday, September 7, 2009

Rudy trumps up Tom Brokaw with libertarian response on Medicare

A favorite tactic of liberals in the health care debate, to catch libertarians and conservatives off-guard, is to bring up privatization of Medicare and Medicaid. "Well then, would you get rid of Medicare and Medicaid," is a common rejoinder.

The question often leaves those on the Right, ill-prepared to take the full free market approach, stumbling. But not Rudy Giuliani. On Meet the Press yesterday, America's Mayor hit back with a full-blown libertarian response.

At approx. 1 minute in:

BROKAW: "What's been interesting to me is that the Republicans have raised the public option as some kind of Orwellian monster. Half the health care in America is already delivered by the government... Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Administration, Federal Employees insurance..."

GIULIANI: "That's part of the problem. Part of the problem is that half of it is already in the hands of one massive monopoly. You make that monopoly greater and you destroy private insurance."


Sissy Willis said...

I caught that too. Rudy's da man!

The Right Guy said...

It's a shame Rudy screwed up in Iowa. I was prepared to support him, and campaign for him, but he would have none of it. Being an ex-NYer in Iowa I could have told him not to do what he did...That's the problem: Rudy surrounds himself with yes men that want their position and access more than they want to do the right thing. Rudy doesn't like the little rural people. I don't know exactly why, but he doesn't and he basically shunned them. You can't win Iowa doing that. His people should have to told him, " You are going to glad hand and smile in every pork tenderloin joint and pub whether you like it or not", and he would do it. Running for president is not little league, and he proved not up to the task.

That being said, he's very good on his feet and he would have eviscerated Obama during the debates. Question though: Who was the left wing Obama lackey asshole to Rudy's right?

Elliott said...

I don't really get why nobody brings up the Tenth Amendment. It seems to me that it would pretty much shut this whole mess down.