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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Final numbers for DC Marchers 1.7 million

From the Editor:

Well, we got this one dead on. On Sunday and Monday we ran two articles here at Libertarian Republican saying that the number of Tea Party Patriot Marchers on DC on Sept. 12 was "1.5 to 2 million."

Now comes news that the University of Illinois did an aerial spatial photograph study of the crowd.

Their final conclusion:

1.7 million on the Washington Mall and Connecticut Ave. during the Protest
Though, of note, there are still some who've also done spatial graphs who insist the actual number was 1.8 million. (See link.)

Also, the Humble Libertarian is running an excellent summary of Libertarian reactions to the March: "What do Libertarians think of the 9/12 March?". Guess which Libertarians saw the March as a Great Positive?

Cato Institute, Libertarian Party, Independence Inst., BureauCrash, Left Coast Rebel, and Libertarian Republican.

Those who saw the event as a downer?

Lew Rockwell and the Mises Institute


fr33avl said...

I know you like to a page as your source for the "final numbers" on the DC March. I am having trouble finding the source of the Illinois study that you and Glenn Beck both cite. Perhaps you could enlighten me.

fr33avl said...

My comment should say "link" not like. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

pathetic to degrade the Lew Rockwell and the LVMi like that

ajnock1976 said...

Not only pathetic, untrue.

Lew Rockwell's blog picked up on the size & import of the demonstrations. What they also pointed out was that conservatives cut & ran from limited government during the 8-year disaster for libertarianism/limited government that was the GWBush era.

So Eric lied about LRC & the Mises Institute. Is that really news?

But where were the conservatives when Bush lied about Iraq, Afghanistan, prescription drugs, re-regulating the financial industry, backing campaign finance "reform," federal interference in education, usurping the Bill of Rights, Habeas Corpus or unconstitutionally starting wars, or exempting himself from the law [signing statements, lying about domestic survellience] etc.

Clearly it needs to be libertarian arguments that dominate anti-governmental dissent. And libertarianism is anti-war/anti-interventionist; limited government & freedom for consenting adults.

The war party/succubi hijacking of conservatism is the problem.

your most faithful and obedient servant

Alan Turin