Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tom McClintock Update: Feds just as messed up as California

"Take Me To Your Lizard" is run by Jonathan Bailey a 50s something financial industry worker, family man and self-described "small 'l' libertarian.

Yesterday the California blogger posted a report on Tom McClintock:

California 4th District Libertarian/Republican Tom McClintock gave a speech to the Competitive Enterprise Institute on July 10. In it, he chronicles how the once great state of California came to be in its present sorry condition and what lessons we should learn from it. Instead of learning though, he is watching as the Democrat controlled US House of Representatives (led by the odious California liberal Nancy Pelosi) making all the same mistakes.
McClintock bemoans the "Cash for Clunkers" bill that was passed. And he warns:

"[I have the] same strange sense of déjà-vu that I have every day on the House floor as I watch the same folly and blunders that wrecked California now being passed with reckless abandon in this Congress."
Read the whole text of the speech at Jonathan's blog.


Gary said...

Tom knows everything about everything in government. He is a solid man of his word.

silvermine said...

Yep. He was my choice for governor.

Rita said...

CA is infested with liberals big time. Not sure if CA can be saved, I hope I'm wrong on this.

I'd like to see McClintock beat Arnold for governor.