Monday, July 13, 2009

Nasty, Nasty, Nasty Politics

Russian delegation completely insults Barack Obama. At least 3 top diplomats refuse to shake his hand. No explanation available yet for the snub.

Editor's Note - And they call us Libertarian Republicans the most anti-Obama partisans on the planet?

(H/t Gateway Pundit)


Ran said...

Same thing happened in Saudi Arabia?

Worst of all, he allowed his expression to betray that he had taken it personally. That's a tell to negotiators... they know this guy wants to be liked more than he wants to "win."

A long, long three-and-a-half years.

Eric Dondero said...

Yeah, his face tells everything. He is clearly dissapointed, almost angry and embarrassed.

But in fairness, who wouldn't be. My gosh, what assholes to not shake a guy's hand like that. And I fucking hate Obama.

I've seen this only once in my life. And I can't reveal the name of the guy who shooed someone's hand away who wanted to shake.

It was just as nasty a snub.

Let's just say, someone well-known in the libertarian movement who didn't want to shake a gay guy's hand at a public event.

David said...

Eric, I think what's pretty clearly happening here is Obama's indicating the man for Amb. Pickering to be introduced to. His hand isn't there to be shaken.

Frankly my experience is in such formal settings Russians simply aren't that rude.

Ran said...

I rather think it's not just rudeness but confused protocol. Here they are, being introduced to one of the world's foremost apologists and detractors of the United States, your enemy and competitor. So, you do the right thing and follow suit, which is the wrong thing. Tough call.

David said...

Watch the last time Obama puts his hand out. It's clear he's introducing the men, not expecting his hand to be shaken.

Eric Dondero said...

If this is confused protocol, than why is Obama grimacing during the first and second missed handshakes?

Like I said, I almost feel sorry for him. No matter how much you may hate some fucker, you don't do that in front of TV cameras and the press. Or, maybe that was precisely their intentions?

Eric Dondero said...

BTW, practically all other blogs and news sources are reporting this as a clear snub. Haven't seen one report debunking it.

Won't be surprised if this is leading Drudge, Yahoo News and Google News in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Hahah Eric, he is not being snubbed. He is simply introducing the men!!

ccoffer said...

Pretty shitty analysis, Eric.

It's pretty obvious whats going on in the video.

Eric Dondero said...

So, why then is Gateway Pundit, and a host of other respectable blogs reporting it otherwise? Are they all wrong?

Eric Dondero said...

No fucking way. I just watched it again. There is no fucking way that's a protocal slip. Obama was CLEARLY snubbed on the first handshake. The others are a little more dubious. But that first one is crystal clear.

The Right Guy said...

I guess they were expecting he would get on his knees. Tossed salad please?

David said...

Okay, I've watched this a number of times now, trying to see it as a snub, watching to see how far Obama's hand is extended in comparison to Pickering's, etc.

I guess a case can be made that he's snubbed, although the last hand gesture he makes is clearly indicating the man for Pickering to meet, not an expectation that his hand be shaken.

It would very much surprise me, as Russians are notoriously rigid in their protocol, but I guess it could be a snub.

georgia jawjacker said...

Is this really fucking on this blog? Who cares either way?! It looks like he's introducing to me, but it really doesn't matter.

Sick Of It All wrote a song back in the mid nineties, 'Scratch the Surface'...

Such empty life Such simple sheep night after night
herd to the creeps all hidden faults beauty is null
such shallow sight barely skin deep

What is the force that drives the superficial
tell me what keeps their minds remaining little
so afraid of what they'd see underneath the fantasy
so afraid to actually scratch the surface.

All mirrors hide Big money lies faillure inside
big lying eyes that's maybe why eyes are the soul
they take so much time big dollar signs

Scratch the surface serve a purpose
scratch the surface don't waste my time...

What is the force that drives the superficial Eric?

Eric Dondero said...

Is this really on this Blog? Of course it is. For good reason.

Barack Hussein Obama epitomizes the complete polar opposite of libertarianism. He is Anti-Free Enterprise, Opposed to all Civil Liberties, and is stridently Pro-Islamo-Fascist. Additionally, from the perspective of an American, the man was not even born in the United States, which makes him ineligible to serve as President.

This Blog is all about everything and anything anti-Obama. Any enemy of Obama, is a friend of this Blog.

As tempting as it is to denounce the Ruskies in this incident for their clearly insulting gesture to Obama, in the grand scheme of things, they are now allies.

Just as FDR aligned with Stalin against Hitler.

stefan said...

BO's facial and non-verbal expression tells it all.... after 2 snubs he also did not bother holding his hand out completely anymore. I think they all realize what a leightweight, actually featherweight he is...

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! He got snubbed! That's great. Ya think that the good 'ol(s/o) MSM will show this? Of course not. This is exactly what Rush Limbaugh said yesturday about how the MSMs are covering MJ like crazing to stear away what's really going on and stear away the negitivity of Russians and other counties towards Zero.


Anonymous said...