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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gordon Brown very near Resignation: Labour Party could be "destroyed for a generation"

British Socialist State could be going down to a massive defeat

The British media on-line is whirling with the news of an imminent resignation by Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The UK Telegraph is headlining:

Gordon Brown fights for his political life: email calling on him to quit
A text of an email has been released which reads:

'Dear Gordon,

Over the last 12 years in government, and before, you have made an enormous contribution to this country and to the Labour Party, and this is very widely acknowledged.

However we are writing now because we believe that in the current political situation, you can best serve the Labour Party and the country by stepping down as party leader and prime minister, and so allowing the party to choose a new leader to take us into the next general election.

The Telegraph further reports that as many as 50 Labour MPs were prepared to put their name on the letter.

Meanwhile, a fourth Cabinet Minister has resigned. Hazel Blear quit, only one day after the shocking resignation of Minister Jacqui Smith. Both were caught in the web of the financial improprieties scandal stemming from claims of reimbursements for expenses.

The American Blog, from Europe, covering UK politics headlines:

Gordon Brown hanging by a thread
They opine:

It's hard to even imagine Labour becoming any less popular than it is today under his leadership so holding off until next year may actually make sense. Surely they couldn't drop into single digit support, could they? Cabinet reshuffles and mass resignations don't exactly build confidence with the public.
Labour has further been plagued by a socialist driven economy in steep decline, spiriling health care costs, and association with radical Islamists including some within the ranks of the Party. Smith for instance was mired in a huge controversy over the banning from the UK of opponents of radical Islam such as American radio talk show host Michael Savage, and Dutch MP Geert Wilders.


stefan said...

Hmmm exactly what I predicted about 24 hours ago in a post on Smith. They are only waiting for the outcome of the election. Brown plans to restructure his cabinet in any case, but of Labour suffers heavy defeat today, then Brown's own head may be on the metaphorical platter.

Have you guys/girls seen the newest Pelosi green motors add? It's fantastic!

The Right Guy said...

Who do you suggest as a replacement? Boris Johnson? Pat Condell? :)

Jonathan said...

Iowahawk made that back in December

Left Coast Rebel said...

I hope this spells out the future for the US under the Obamanation. A couple more years of our british socialism and our country is toast - maybe then we can rebuild.

stefan said...

TRG: It is for Labour to decide...I guess it does not really matter who they select, all wrong policy, just like with the Dems. Well, I do think they will stick to a fellow Labour, so I hardly think they would nominate the mayor of London! Maybe Peter Mandelson, a friend of Blair, but perhaps the leftwing in Labour has their own person.

Jonathan: yes, I have realized it was a few months ago. Sorry if it was old news to you, but funny and relevant in any case.

Here is an interesting Reagan old one on socialized medicine, e.g. liberalism leading to socialism:

Healthcare in the UK is also in an abysmal state after socialized health system, and they need nurses.

Jonathan said...

no, I still laugh everytime I watch it.

stefan said...

According to Daniel Hannan, the UK is much more further along this socialized road than the US (after Thatcher and Major). Remember, they first had Blair, who was a bit like Clinton, and now Brown. The UK debt compared to the US's is much higher per capita even.
Things can happen quickly however if the USD totally slide, the USD index already below 80 and the value of the USD will affect everything. With all the debt, the USD may plunge within the next 1-2 years....and inflation skyrocket.

stefan said...

Jonathan: it is really well done. I am laughing till stomach pain, so to speak.

William said...

Hilarious video, Stefan! I'm 6'4" and around 220 pounds. Right Guy is even larger than me. Can you imagine us in one of these skateboards with a tupperware top?

Jonathan said...

the UK needs a new Thatcher to save it again, and the current Conservative party is pathetic.

Years of Labor rule and their Judges have ruined the place

The Right Guy said...

I have to wonder if Labour will hold on. I doubt it.

The Right Guy said...

Hell no. I have enough disbelief I have to duck to get into my Suburban. On the other hand, we are a small percentage of the population, and not a big enough constituency to make them listen. The idiocy of the progressive movement. A business should be able to sell what people want, not some idealized bullshit of what a small group of control freaks thinks we should buy. If they needed a second chunnel, they could just take Ayn Rand's corpse and let it have at it.

The Right Guy said...

F thatcher. The UK needs WC.

stefan said...

TRG: Well, Labour cannot abdicate power, they have to call for an election. I doubt it Brown will call for a general election soon if they fare bad in the EU election. He will restructure his cabinet and then see if they can improve in the next few months in polls. Also the Labour Party, even if they would oust Brown, will not call for an election, but calls for it will become even louder.
Another UK minister has resigned and he has called on Brown to resign as well!

Jonathan: I agree David Cameron never made a really solid impression on me and their new logo seems very fluffy. Daniel Hannan has the potential to be s strong leader, but he is way too young of course.If the UK Independence Party fare quite well and the Tories do come first, but say less than 30%, maybe they will go for a new leader? Ian Duncan Smith or so, perhaps someone that is more EU critical, to siphon off votes from the UK IP. They do not have a proportional system in the UK, other than in the EU, so this plays to the advantage of the two big parties. Years ago Michael Portillo seemed quite good for a Tory leader, but there was some issues as we know. William Hague did not really cut it also.

UK IP leader makes quite a good impression:

stefan said...

TRG: Who is WC ? The Tories need someone with the clearcut political philosophy of Thatcher, yet without her arrogance at times.

The Pound has been falling substantially, maybe they would have to go for a referendum whether to join the Euro?

stefan said...


I read Geert Wilders's PVV may have received 15% and come in in second place. One will see on Sunday, when the results will be announced.

The Right Guy said...

Winston Churchill.