Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pakistani Singer Ayman Udas brutally murdered in Honor Killing: Silence by UK & US Human Rights groups, Entertainment industry

by Eric Dondero

Taliban and Taliban-aligned Radical Muslim groups are extending their reach further east into what was previously Western-influenced Pakistan. As Radical Islamic influence grows in these formerly open areas, the violence against "Westernized," Pakistanis, and even incidents of torture and murder have grown. One of these instances is just now being revealed in the Western press.

The Times of London Online reported, May 3:

A RISING musical star was allegedly shot dead by her own brothers in the conservative city of Peshawar in Pakistan last week after she had appeared on television.

The murder of Ayman Udas, who was in her early thirties and newly married, has shocked the city’s artistic community because it symbolises a backlash against women and cultural freedom in an area that is increasingly dominated by Islamic funda-mentalists.

She won considerable acclaim for her songs but had become a musician in the face of bitter opposition from her family, who believed it was sinful for a woman to perform on television.

Ashamed of her growing popularity her two brothers are reported to have entered her flat last week while her husband was out and fired three bullets into her chest. Neither has been caught.
So far, there has been no outcry by Music Industry moguls, Hollywood Actors, or any other popular Entertainment industry figures in the UK or the United States, over her slaying. Similarly, Free Speech advocates and liberal Human Rights groups in the West have been utterly silent on her murder.

Most especially the Commission on Women's Rights at the UN, have completely ignored the growing violence against women like Udas, by Muslim extremists in the region. And the situation promises only to get worse, in the coming days and weeks.

The death of Ayman Udas is a portend for what's in store for moderate Muslim or non-Muslim Pakistanis who live in the Westernized regions of eastern Pakistan. Those in the central regions recently taken over by the Taliban, are now feeling the full brunt of their extremist form of Islam. Reports out of Peshawar and other nearby areas, include gang rapes, hangings of non-Muslims, and women stoned to death in the streets who are caught without their veils or unaccompanied by a male family member.

And now the Taliban is less than 100 miles away from the capitol of Islamabad.

You can see a video of Ayman Udas performing in front of a mostly female Pakistani audience in her native Pashto at LR's other site WorldwideLiberty.blogspot.com


The BBC is now reporting Musicians are now fleeing Pakistan in terror. Refugees flooding into London and NYC. From BBC News.


Anonymous said...

Seems to me like Representative Gary L. Ackerman (D-NY) has some explaining to do.

Records - reported on www.r8ny.com, a New York City political Web site - show Ackerman (D-Jamaica Estates) accepted a "personal loan" last year for as much as $100,000 from Selig Zises, a large investor in a California-based company that Ackerman called Xenonics Options. However, Ackerman, who denies any improprieties, said the alleged loan was actually a sale of stock that he accidentally misreported.

"I no longer have it," Ackerman said yesterday. "I sold it off a couple weeks back."

On March 9, 2002, Ackerman, a senior member on the International Relations Committee, purchased between $1,001 to $15,000 of stock in Xenonics, which is today valued at between $100,000 and $250,000, according to financial records.

The 12th-term lawmaker said he decided to invest in Xenonics - a name he said he doesn't even know how to pronounce - after a suggestion from Zises, whom he described as a friend.

The U.S. Army awarded the company a $2.98 million contract a year later to manufacture night-vision equipment. Ackerman said he played no role in steering federal dollars to Xenonics.

Within two years of his initial investment, Ackerman's stake in Xenonics Options had ballooned to as much as $1 million.

Why Xenonics? The answer can probably be found in Ackerman's close ties to the Zises family, one of New York's uber-Likudniks. Since 1990, the Zises family Bernard, Seymour, Selig & Jay, contributed at least $30,000 of Unifund CCR Partner proceeds (a vicious collection agency that will sue 160,000 Americans for Credit Card Default this year) to Ackerman's campaign coffers.

How close are Ackerman and the Zises? Close enough apparently for Ackerman to have made a statement on the House floor last year in celebration of patriarch Bernard Zises's 90th birthday, and another upon the death of the Zises family matriarch, Ruth Zises . That's right: a statement on the House floor.

Eric Dondero said...

And this has to do with Muslim violence in Pakistan, exactly how?

The Right Guy said...

You can add feminists to the list of people that are ignoring violence on muslim women by muslim men. Had it been hannah montana, you would have heard hue and cry from Kim Gandy and the rest of the comfortable shoe crowd. May be if all muslim men were republicans you'd here from them.

bint alshamsa said...

The Right Guy,

"You can add feminists to the list of people that are ignoring violence on muslim women by muslim men."

Uh, no. White, western feminists may be ignoring violence against Muslim women. However, there is an abundance of writings by womanists on this very issue. Unfortunately, most Americans are too lazy to actually look for what's right at their fingertips.

The Right Guy said...

The only woman I hear screaming about it is Pam Geller.

Eric Dondero said...

Pam Geller was just on Hannity tonight.

The Right Guy said...

I know and I missed it.

Kn@ppster said...

Any bets on how long it will be before that left-wing peacenik, Barack Obama, announces that it's necessary for the US to invade Pakistan, if for no other reason than to secure the nukes?

Eric Dondero said...

Being a radical Muslim himself, my bet is that B. Hussein Obama is cheering the Taliban on.

We've been taking over by a radical Islamist regime, why not Pakistan?

The UK, Netherlands, Western Europe galling to the Muslim onslaught, as well.

Just part of the radical Muslim agenda: Kill the infidels.

Eric Dondero said...

Yeah Knapp, Obama may intervene, but much more likely on the side of the Taliban, not the democratic government forces.

Alla Ahu-Ahkbar.

bint alshamsa said...


You do realize that Jews and Christians have been saying "Allahu akbar" since before Islam ever came along, right?

The Right Guy said...

In those exact words?

Anonymous said...

Allah is just the Arabic word for God. Arabic Christians use the word too. It's just that the vast majority of Arabs, are Muslims.

The Right Guy said...

And thought the term "Arabic Christian" was virtually an oxymoron. I have met palestinian christians, but in other places it would cost you your life to be a christian, which of course conflicts with the other part of their book that says christians, jews, and muslims are all people of the book... There are times it would be better just to say I believe in Honda Lawnmowers.

Kn@ppster said...

Right Guy,

Surely you jest. Among the other side effects of the US invasion/occupation of Iraq has been the mass exodus of the Christian communities which had existed in safety in Iraq for nearly 2000 years, including under Saddam's regime.

Matter of fact, the Ba'athist regime's second in command, Saddam's closest lieutenant, Tariq Aziz, is a Christian.

The Right Guy said...

In Pakistan and Afghanistan, such is not the case. Did the Catholic church campaign for the release of a man sentenced to death for converting? And what about Iran? They have had Sharia law since the ayatollahs took over. As far as the exodus of Christians in Iraq, it is because Sunnis lost power and the shiites have majority control. Saddam was actually very secular compared to his counterparts in neighboring countries. He still was a nut though.

bint alshamsa said...

The Right Guy,

Yep. Those exact words. Arabic Christians have existed longer than Arabic Muslims. In the vast majority of Arabic countries, there's nothing illegal about being a Christian. Sure, some people are killed for being Christians. Likewise, in some countries people are killed for being Muslims. However, there are communities of Christians in every single country where Muslims are the majority, even Iran (which is not an Arabic country at all, by the way).

Kn@ppster is right that our invasion is what led to the destruction of the Christian community in Iraq. They were doing perfectly fine until we came in and screwed things up. Did you know that Christmas was even an official National holiday while Saddam was in power? Now, Iraqi Christians have less freedom than they've ever had in hundreds of years.

The Right Guy said...

Iraq was largely a secular country. As far as historically, sure christians were allowed to live amongst muslims, although as second class citizens, as in dhimmi, jizya, and pahlavi.

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