Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Evening Updates: latest on GM/Chrysler Republican dealerships closing

Director Blue (The blog that started it all)

The growing scandal of GM and Chrysler dealerships being forced to close due to pressure from the Obama administration, now has an official name. Right Blogger Doug Ross of Director Blue blogspot has dubbed it "Dealergate."

Wall Street Journal

James Taranto of the WSJ has picked up the story, just hours ago. Their story is titled: "Beat the Dealer - Is Obama administration turning Chrysler into a patronage machine?"

The article comments about Ross's findings:

This situation certainly bears watching. If Ross's suspicion is unwarranted, we're sure Obama's many online defenders will be along soon with data to debunk it. If he's right, though, it could complicate the bankruptcy proceedings by giving the jilted dealers a basis on which to challenge their termination. It would also demonstrate that political intervention in private business is an invitation for the most brazen sort of corruption.

World Net Daily is now healining the story: "Chrysler's 'hit list' targets GOP donors
Dealers who give to Republicans much more likely to be shuttered"


Michelle Malkin is now featuring the story: "A look at protected Chrysler Dealerships"

Earlier Malkin had been skeptical of the story. Now she comments: "Bloggers are doing excellent work digging into the Chrysler dealership closure list."

Washington Examiner

The news site Washington Examiner covers the story, titled "Furor grows over partisan car dealer closings," and includes this intro:

Evidence appears to be mounting that the Obama administration has systematically targeted for closing Chrysler dealers who contributed to Repubicans. What started earlier this week as mainly a rumbling on the Right side of the Blogosphere has gathered some steam today with revelations that among the dealers being shut down are a GOP congressman and closing of competitors to a dealership chain partly owned by former Clinton White House chief of staff Mack McLarty.
NewsWire GTS

And from the Newswire: "Anger Growing About Politically Targetted Chrysler Dealer Closings" From the article:

The evidence is growing that the President and his Auto task force used the Chrysler dealer closings as a way to reward his supporters and punish his detractors. Through the great investigative work of blogs such as Redstate, Joey Smith, Gateway Pundit, Reboot Congress and Libertarian Republican this is what we know so far...
Editor's Note - LR Blog will be publishing a groundbreaking interview tomorrow from a Dealership affected by the closings.


Grace Explosion said...

Terrible fascism. When government becomes the "enforcer" for corporate interests - to steal from political opponents and to give to political allies - what is that but a form of "pay for play"?? I wouldn't think people would have so little respect for our country and it's heritage that they would so destroy true fairness: freedom and justice that is blind.

Truly, this is social injustice. That's all that fascism is. We allowed special interest groups to gain power in DC - and it grew into fascist corporatism and "pay for play" became institutionalized. And, so, a great nation of principles and of ideals became a moneylaunderer where money is run through Washington DC. Government steals from the poor - gives to the rich (bailouts for banksters and the big 3) - and then turns to play favorites according to political allegiances.

I think they think we're supposed to just accept that this is how it is.

Well, the revolution is coming. They are breaking faith with the people of the United States of America - and what makes them think this nation will accept this level corruption in the highest offices?? Nixon left for less than this... and the American people are SICK of BANKSTER GANGSTER DC!!

(This level corruption is the downfall of our great nation. We're not stupid. We see the level corruption in our government.)

Eric Dondero said...


Nuff said.

Mark Buehner said...

I'm not sure if I'm more disturbed that this is happening, or that they think they can get away with it. Maybe they are right.

Anonymous said...

FDR got away with this sort of thing, e.g. local boards of Democrats deciding that the farms of Republicans would be the ones who had to burn their crops or whatever.

katablog said...

Who is going to stop them? Anyone seen the original copy of the birth certificate (not certificate of live birth) yet?

betheweb said...

Given the credible predictions of hyperinflation, control of the Census, and this tomahawking of Republican donors, it is apparent that America is going to get Full Frontal Mugabe from President-For-Life Obama.

Jonathan said...

If its Chicago, its time to play by Al Capones rule book in retaliation

Anonymous said...

The investigation of this "incident" just might illustrate what the world without the daily newspaper and the TV talking heads will be like; a world where competitive forces will dig for the real truth of matters like this instead of parroting the Democrat's party line talking points.

If this snowballs and brings this fascistic nonsense to a halt, I'll be impressed by the potential of the blogging world. Keep digging and let's see learn what actually happened here.

Anonymous said...

Bloggers & the internet are bringing this to light.....the Democrats want Obama to have the power to cut off the internet at will (in this country) for EMERGENCY reasons without defining what constitutes an emergency....hmmmmm.

Troy Patterson said...

More fear mongoring with no evidence. Nate Silver at debunked this in 5 minutes while all these sites pushed the story with no digging. 88% of car dealers who gave to a candidate did so to a republican. So why is it a shock that a random sampling of dealers (closed dealers) results in 90% of donators gave to repub candidates.

Eric Dondero said...

Oh my gosh, honestly, you can't be that stupid.

This is an assault on an entire Retail Industry PRECISELY BECAUSE THEY ARE LIBERTARIANS!!!

Look asshole, in case you missed the heading on this Blog we are PROUD LIBERTARIANS HERE!!!

We don't necessarily buy into the Conservative point of view.

We Libertarians see this as an assault against the entire industry PRECISELY! because the industry is free entperise. Of course, they would support the political party that generally supports free enterprise policies.

Even so, there are still glaring examples of Democrat favoratism, like the McLarty Johnson dealerships in the Mid-South.

Mack McLarty being Clinton's former Chief of Staff.

Now shoo... Your ignorance is stinking up my Blog.

Troy Patterson said...

I didn't realize using facts made one an asshole. I never made any comment on what is being done and closing of dealers as a part of free market. I said this is not an attack on Republican contributors. If you can't debate without being petty I can see why you would fall for anything.

Troy Patterson said...

asshole again with more facts

A preliminary study by found that the data do not support the charges. Among the dealerships set to close, 12 percent of a random 50 selected for review donated to Republicans and 8 percent to Democrats. Of the dealerships remaining open, 14 percent of a random 50 selected donated to Republicans and 10 percent to Democrats. In both samples, the average size of donations was similar for both parties.

Anonymous said...

Your assumption is that the fox sample was actually random.

The best approach would be to call for a congressional investigation. That way we either get more information, or at least some of our congressman are temporarily distracted from spending more of our money.

bint alshamsa said...


"That way we either get more information, or at least some of our congressman are temporarily distracted from spending more of our money."

You *do* realize that it costs money to carry out a congressional investigation, right? Where do you think that money comes from?

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