Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chicago Muslim Women confesses to murdering her niece: Police now under fire for taking Mugshot without her Hijab cover

Chicago Muslim community rallies to her cause

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A Chicago Muslim Women has confessed to the brutal murder of her two-year old niece who was under her care.

From the Chicago Sun-Times (Southtown Star edition), April 10:

Nour Hadid is accused of beating her 2-year-old niece Bhia Hadid to death over four days at her home on the 9000 block of West 140th Street. The child had 55 separate bruises and was beaten "from head to toe," according to prosecutors, who say Hadid confessed.
Yet it's not the murder that the Chicago Muslim community, and the husband of the confessed murderer are upset with; But rather, the police who took her mug shot without her traditional Hajib head-dress.
Jihad Watch has the controversial photo.

Continuing from the Sun-Times:

Alaeddin Hadid - who insists his wife is innocent, said Orland Park police are "really going to be in big trouble" for releasing the woman's booking photo to the news media after she was charged with first-degree murder.

The Hadids are Muslims and Nour "never leaves the home without covering up," said Alaeddin, who's vowed to sue.

By custom, some practicing Muslim women wear the hijab, or headscarf, and cover their arms and legs when in public.

In the mug shot, a bare-headed and obviously emotional Nour appears to be protecting her modesty with her hands.

"It is against our religion; we do not do this in our culture," Alaeddin said.
Dr. Mohammed Sahloul, spokesman for the Council of Islamic Organizations of Chicago said that the police should have followed Muslim customs with the mug shot. Further, he argued that Muslim women are not required to take off their hijab when obtaining state i.d.s and drivers licenses.


Danielle said...

One questions though- we use photos to identify people, not only for mug shots, but for i.d.s and the like. How will we know that we have the right person without a proper photo? I am all for respecting people's culture, but we still need to see her face. Maybe she should have been allowed to keep her head scarf on, and she shouldn't have been photographed with the spaghetti strap type shirt on (even I would have felt somewhat uncomfortable with this), but we HAVE to be able to see someone's face, otherwise, I could give my driver's license to my underage sister to go by alcohol with. There is a point when political correctness is bad for everyone involved.
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Eric Dondero said...

Are think you're being far too lenient on the woman. You come to our country, there are certain laws, cultural values and codes of conduct that we've had for 230 years. If you don't accept them, then kindly get the fuck out. And tell your neighbors back in your pissant little country to stay the fuck out in the future.

My gosh, there's only a few things we ask of people to come to this country. We're pretty much anything goes. Is it too much for us Americans to ask visitors who come here to take off their goddamned coverings for a mugshot if they get arrested for murder?

Eric Dondero said...

Do you see Nick Nolte bitching and threatening a lawsuit on the Malibu Police for that absolutely horrendous mugshot he took a few years back?

The one that was plastered all over the tabloids?

Why is it that it's only foreigners who don't want to deal with the consequences of an arrest?

And Nolte was just arrested on a drunk driving charge. This woman was arrested for murder of a child.

Anonymous said...

You see where the importance of the dead toddler is in all this -- a non-entity. An innocent life matters not, but the mere act of being Muslim does. Sick.

Anonymous said...

The women and her husband don't speak for Islam. The husband is just trying to change the subject. She committed a crime and should get punished for it. Islam does not tolerate murder in anyway shape or form. The mug shot issue is just a desperate attempt to change the facts. Hijab or not, she confessed to a murder, end of subject. Don’t blame the religion, blame the murderer

The Right Guy said...

It's diversionary at best. So they want to make religion an issue. While wearing the garb may be a religious thing, the police have a right to identify who is in there as it were. Sure they should do it respectfully, but they have a right to know. Can you imagine the run on hijabs if police weren't allowed to photograph someone wearing one? :) I wonder what her treatment would have been like in Saudi Arabia or some other muslim country? As stupid and out of line as cops can be in this country, we have it good compared to any other place. Even in some 1st world countries in Europe it is perfectly acceptable for cops to get physical with detainees. Here it is as long as they don't get caught, and they do get caught, eventually. Lastly, what use is a license photograph is they have their face covered? Illinois has driven over the cliff.

CHris said...

Ok listen closely this is not a comment about her crime, that is unforgivable. This is about the racist bull shit you ignorant fuckers have been posting. You should be ashamed of yourselves since a few years back we were immigrants too. I don't think i can say from experience but I'm pretty sure the indians didn't say such disrespectful things about us.