Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Alabama Libertarian Stephen Gordon sparks a Nationwide News frenzy over "Rightwing Extremists" Security Report

by Eric Dondero

An old friend of mine is having quite a political ride these days, and deservedly so. I go back a few years with Stephen Gordon. Him and I worked on the Bob Smithers, Libertarian for Congress campaign in 2006 (the Tom DeLay seat in the Houston area.) We then teamed up again for Libertarian Bob Barr for President 2008 (Pre-Sarah Palin.)

He and I have not always seen eye-to-eye, particularly on foreign policy matters and the War in Iraq. But like myself and our friend Thomas Knapp, he is a Military Veteran, (US Army) and I thoroughly respect his service. We Libertarian Veterans kind of stick together cause there's so few of us.

Well, tonight, Stephen Gordon is on Cloud 9. He's being credited all over Internet News sites, for breaking the Homeland Security identifies Rightwing Extremists as possible "domestic terrorists," story. Stephen and his Blog Liberty Papers was the first to report the story two nights ago. I've counted AP, Yahoo News, CNN, Drudge, Fox News, HotAir.com, Memeo, HuffPo and just about every top political website there is, among those who are headlining the story. Just by my own listens this afternoon, both Sean Hannity and Michael Medved were talking non-stop about the DHS Report.

And just hours ago, Stephen got booked for the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC to air this evening.

This is a fantastic example of how one single Blogger/Political Activist can have an enormous influence in American politics.

Stephen Gordon has single-handidly changed the news cycle, and has alerted the entire Nation to an extreme threat to the civil liberties of conservative and libertarian Americans.

He is to be heartily congratulated!

Stephen, I speak for the entire staff of Libertarian Republican blog, when I say Hat's off to you. Job well done!

Note - Please visit Stephen's site Liberty Papers, and add it to your favorites, particularly if you're interested in following the developing DHS story.


Anonymous said...

I just flipped over to Maddow's show to see what her arrogant smart-aleck stories were tonight and was very surprised to be even more upset with Stephen Gordon. Way to make a complete joke of yourself. I guess any publicity is good, huh? Better to try to make yourself look like a hero and mislead a stupid liberal audience than stand up for what Libertarians are really about? Thanks, Jackass!

bint alshamsa said...

I haven't been able to read the report. I think too many people have been trying to access it. Maybe you could post excerpts here if you manage to get to it.