Saturday, January 24, 2009

Governor Palin vows to fight for rights of Alaska Native American WWII Vets

A first sign that the incoming Obama administration may be planning retribution for the State of Alaska; Pentagon officials have decided to cut off pensions for "26 surviving members of the Alaska Territorial Guard." These men were members of an elite Militia force that protected mainland Alaska from further incursions from the Aleutians, during Japanese occupation in 1942. According to the AP, Fort Worth Star Telegram: most in their 80s and long retired - will lose as much as $557 in monthly retirement pay, a state veterans officer said Thursday.
The Governor was quick to respond:

The state is pursuing a remedy for "these brave Alaskans, who did so much for the cause of freedom during a time of great national peril," Gov. Sarah Palin said.
Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, was even more harsh. From American Report:

"What kind of a government, what kind of a Cruella, could cut retirement benefits to a group of Eskimos in their 80s in the dead of Alaskan winter?" the Alaska Republican asked Thursday on the Senate floor. "It is time for some soul searching on this at the Pentagon."
Note - Sarah Palin's husband Todd, is of Native American ethnicity.

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Josh Painter at featured this story.


bint alshamsa said...

Why are they doing this? What is the reason that the military is giving for this action?

Eric Dondero said...

Bint, it's unclear. I asked myself that question, as well.

I do know this; there's a shitload of careerists in the Pentagon who are very liberal, and very Democrat-biased.

I strongly suspect, that this happening a mere 3 days after Obama's taking over the government, is retribution to their Number One foe, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

And to add fuel to the fire, they singled out just Eskimo Vets. Coincidence that Sarah's husband is Native American?

bint alshamsa said...

Please let us know if you hear anything more about this story. I'm really pissed about what I've heard so far.

Carlos Echevarria said...

The Obama administration mistreating veterans?

I'm Shockeddddddd...

Let me give you a newsflash, to paraphrase the Northern oracle of Liberty, you ain't seen nothing yet...

BHO and company are going to come gunning for Palin big time over the next couple of years, in cahoots with the MSM, Pravda North (ADN), Establishment Republicans, Moonbats, Nut Roots, etc.

Even in terms of the natural gas pipeline which Hussein praised, prior to her becoming the VP pick,they will try to pull something in order to destroy her crown jewel.

McCain's buddy Lieberman is trying to shut down any potential drilling in ANWR....

Grace Explosion said...

There's going to be a lot of racism, imo. This. Then I saw on Capitol Hill that they were saying that whites are not to benefit from the "stimulus" (wealth redistribution) package. They don't even want qualified white construction workers benefiting from any of the "infrastructure" rebuilding.

It's getting ridiculous. They think they need to socially engineer wealth redistribution.

Whatever. Racism is always wrong - but we're going to see more of what they think is "fair". It's not equal opportunity. They're going to throw tons of money to people on the basis of race - and look what happened in Zimbabwe. They got rid of farmers on the basis of race and the nation is now experiencing famine.

Well, what's going to happen when they decide they don't want road construction professionals building bridges because they are white?? Ummmm... I'm sick of all this racism already.

Everything should be colorblind.

Eric Dondero said...

You all please don't take this the wrong way, it may sound a little crass, but there is a small silver lining in all this: Perhaps it will move Native Americans to be a bit more friendly to Republicans.

If they're gonna be attacked by the Obama Administration, then what's their alternative?

And note, things have switched in recent years on the gambling front. Used to be that Republicans were the prudes, anti-gambling. But in the last couple years it's been Republicans who have favored expansion of Indian Gaming in California and other States, and ironically, Environmental interests on the Left who've consistently opposed them.

Rae said...

The Obama administration mistreating veterans?

I'm Shockeddddddd...

Let me give you a newsflash, to paraphrase the Northern oracle of Liberty, you ain't seen nothing yet...

I'm kind if surprised Eric didn't blog about the other first 0bama marked on the day of his coronation.

He is the first POTUS to skip the Heroes Ball since its inception in 1953.

Not only that, he sent San Fran Nan in his stead!


I predict once 0bama starts his wars, the draft will soon follow.

"If we are going into war, then all of us go, not just some."

chris lempa said...

This is awful, of course. This article goes into it a little deeper:

It appears that this is a reinterpretation of a law, not something directed at Sarah Palin and the native Alaskans.

I do agree that the administration should correct this immediately.

Alex said...

Wow for once bint isn't engaging in snarky knee-jerk opposition? Heavens to mergatroid Gladys!

bint alshamsa said...


Perhaps it will move Native Americans to be a bit more friendly to Republicans.

Or maybe they'll become independents since the fact that so many of them ARE Republicans hasn't improved their lot at all.

bint alshamsa said...

According to Chris' article, this isn't an action taken by the Obama administration. It pre-dates it. So, if this is racism, it's whites being racist towards people of color. Nice try though, Eric and Co.

chris lempa said...

It hurts when people actually check out full articles and not just the cherry picked sections that fit your world view.

I know people who work for the VA and this didn't seem right. That's why I decided to look a little more into it. Fortunately a simple google search provided the article that I linked.

I'm willing to bet that this was an oversight and will be corrected shortly.

bint alshamsa said...

Chris Lempa,

I certainly hope it is. Yeah, after reading the details, it's apparent that this is just Eric going all tin-foil on us again. Nothing new there!

In another thread on this blog he's saying how Vets don't need government benefits. He thinks they'd all be satisfied with parades and acts of praise from Hollywood. Now, on this thread he's pretending to be concerned about what happened to some Native American Vets. I guess I shouldn't have taken him seriously in the first place.

Sudsy said...

As a current member of the organization that evolved from ATG (Alaska Territorial Guard) now the Alaska State Defense Force, I find this deeply troubling...

However, in the Anchorage Daily News:
"The action comes almost a decade after Congress passed a law qualifying time served in the unpaid guard as active federal service. The Army agreed in 2004 to grant official military discharge certificates to members or their survivors.

An Army official said the law was misinterpreted. The law applies to military benefits, including medical benefits, but not retirement pay, said Lt. Col. Richard McNorton of the Army's human resources command in Alexandria, Va."

I wonder who else they will leave out to dry. The ATG guys operated without any pay or benefits from the government and followed the same volunteer mentality and tradition of the Minutemen during our Revolution.

Personally, since the Feds have failed, I'm hoping our State will do what they can for these men in the place of the Feds.

Heck, I'd give up part of my PFD check every year for these few brave men who are still alive today!

I'm not surprised by this at all really. The DoD, National Guard Bureau, and State Guard/State Defense Forces really have a sketchy relationship. Most of that lies with deep distrust of the Federal agencies toward state agencies and bureaucratic infighting more than any real tangible reasoning. In disasters, its obvious all three will work together cohesively, however, afterward the bureaucrats in uniform and out take over and become green eyed budget monsters again.