Tuesday, November 4, 2008

America has fallen, Communism takes over

230 years of the United States of America has come to an end. On November 4, 2008, liberty died. The Communist Revolution has finally arrived.


Hector said...

Republicans are out, time to party!

William said...

"Republicans are out, time to party!"

Eat shit and die you commie motherfucker!

Scott said...

Wow, so instead of the redistribution of wealth going to Lockheed and Haliburton it's gonna go to.....?

No change. At least not from a libertarian perspective.

Texas Little El said...

Fascism, Communism, or Socialism.

I guess it was a matter of picking which one both the Republicans and Democrats were leading us into.

Fascism and Socialism by the Republicans or Communism and Socialism by the Democrats.

Your choice in 2008....

stefan said...

rookeYup no change from a libertarian perspective. Simply different profiteers, to a certain extent.

Musgrave lost in CO, but it seems like Bachmann will win in MN. Independence candidate 10% even without IP endorsement. Hope McClintock wins in CA-4!
Ron Paul has wrote a nice letter. The struggle starts now already and work now for 2010 already!

stefan said...

hector: we are looking forward at hearing the gaffe's from the new VP! Remember there is no campaign now to stop him from doing interviews and saying things! Should be good object for SNL. And apropo Obama, are we going to hear the SF behind the scenes reflections now?

Anonymous said...


Traitors never prosper. First, you betrayed Ron Paul (who is now the hero of thousands), then you betray Barr (who you had loudly supported) and switched to the loser McCain (who you predicted would win).

Tom said...

God help us.

Glaivester said...

I can't believe that despite being in a safe state, Dondero voted for McCain over Barr.

Cheer up Dondero. There is a silver lining to the McCain loss.

Palin may be so depressed over this that you finally have a chance at nailing her, which is, in the end, all what you based your endorsement of McCain on.

TCO said...

a. I was right. You were wrong.

b. Whyu did you tout so many outlier polls? Was it stupity or dishonesty? Or a childish unwillingness to face reality?

c. Go to Canada!

Hector said...

"hector: we are looking forward at hearing the gaffe's from the new VP! Remember there is no campaign now to stop him from doing interviews and saying things! Should be good object for SNL. And apropo Obama, are we going to hear the SF behind the scenes reflections now?"
We'd be getting gaffes from either VP. Palin has inspired many of the funniest SNL's sketches in these last years...
Why do you, suposed "libertarians", call everything that is not libertarian "communist"? Seems like you've been brainwashed by your government

dave said...


I just stopped by to laugh in all your faces. Especially yours, Eric.


Suck a tail pipe. Your pathetic party just got thrashed and owned, just as it deserved to.

McCain's speech was gracious, sincere and very much appreciated. But some of you lunatics will no doubt act like this is the end of the world.

Have fun whining and dreaming up the end of days for the next 4, probably 8, maybe more, years.

Tata losers!

bint alshamsa said...

Oh brother! I predict November 5th will be just like November 3rd. I wonder how many times folks are going to buy into these Chicken Little sky-is-falling pronouncements. After surviving the Bush years, I'm pretty sure a few years of Obama will feel like a cakewalk to many, many people.

stefan said...
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stefan said...

I'm relieved that the mess in Iraq will not be continued, but worry about Afghanistan. In 4 year's time and with doing the wrong things to try to fix the economy, Obama will face a crushing defeat. Do you think people want to send their loved ones to be slaughtered in Afghanistan for the empire?

Andrew said...

YES, Stefan yes.

The GOP has a golden opportunity now to regroup and make 2010 a repeat of 1994.

There was no mandate tonight for left-liberalism. Obama campaigned to give 95% of all Americans a tax cut. Voters remember tax promises(just ask George H Bush)

Nealry all tax increases on ballots tonight failed.

Even Califonia voted against the gay marraige proposition.

Many Demcocrats ran as moderates in their congressional seats.

Pelosi and Reid are in for a rude awakening if they think the America people voted to have them be tax and spent to death by the Democrats.

stefan said...

Exactly Andrew. I may also add that in CO, where the Dems made a clean sweep, they also voted against all
tax increases. Pelosi, Reid & Co is set for a rude awakening. Obama can impossibly carry out all his promises and will have to chose. He basically run as a Republican, promising tax cuts for 95%. The corporate tax increase will affect many SME's, but of course this was never discussed in the media.

Eric Dondero said...

Stefan, you don't come to my Blog and say that I'm "not a real libertarian," after I've put in 25 years of hard work for this movement.

How dare you.

You owe me an apology.

Eric Dondero said...

This morning, I am going to ask some of you to leave the Blog permanently.

I do not wish to be bogged down with negativity to our cause: Which is the defeat of Communism in America.

If you're not here to accomplish that goal, than you should leave. There are numerous other blogs on the internet where you can spout your garbage, that "it isn't really that bad..." and "we can work with Obama..." and "so and so is really not a libertarian..."

At least the hecklers at this site, like hector (no pun intended), are honest. Hector, continue to post away. You're welcome.

You backstabbers are no longer welcome here.

Either ship up or ship out.

You choose.

Eric Dondero said...

Andrew, you say that tax cut proposals still won across the US. Not where I am at. The anti-proposal on the ballot went down to a crushing defeat. The leader of the effort is a libertarian. All libertarian efforts and candidates in this state were defeated soundly.

This is not a rejection of Bush and the Republican Party. This is a rejection of Liberty and Freedom in our land.

America voted against the Founding Fathers and the Constitution. They voted in favor of Communism in economics and Radical Islam in our culture.

Did you not see the clip on Fox News yesterday of Chuck Schumer bragging that the Fairness Doctrine WILL be brought back and Hannity and Rush silenced?

That's right, the Senator from the State of New York, said forthrightly he wants Censorship in the US.

Eric Dondero said...

Looks like even Stefan has joined the Commuist Revolution. He's now openly advocating for America's defeat in Afghanistan.

Bet if he had been around in the 1980s, he would have been rooting for a Soviet victory there, over the Northern Alliance Freedom Fighters.

And folks, beware, this guy Stefan actually has the audacity to call himself a "libertarian."

A supporter of Communism and Radical Islam defeat of the US, actually uses the libertarian label to describe his views.

That's where we've come to today, on Nov. 5, 2008:

Those who support Freedom and oppose Communism/Radical Islam are labeled as "unlibertarian."

Those who support Communism/Radical Islam are labeled as "libertarian."

George Orwell, de ja vu.

play budokai said...

Uh-oh. Better leave the country now.

Where are you fleeing again? China? I hope you shave your moustache off before you leave. Otherwise, you'll stick out like a sore thumb.

stefan said...

Sorry Eric. I should qualify it by saying that not all real libertarians act always consistently...I guess you can include me. Apart from the basic classic liberal definition, there are different ways how to define it. Barr also had to hear he is not a real libertarian, while he is simply a different sort of libertarian than some others.

Eric, I think if McCain had not selected Sarah Palin, his defeat would have been much worse. I also think she has ensured a sure success for the AK senate and congressional candidate. Mitch McConnel has said Ted Stevens will not be part of the new senate. 2/3 majority needed, I think, so with all the new Dems in Senate plus a few Republicans, a replacement will be announced. And Sarah has the power to do that. I wonder whether she will appoint Dave Cuddy, Sean Parnell or herself, or someone else? IMHO it would be better to be a governor than a senator for her and RLC endorsed Dave Cuddy may be the best person.

Good news is that it seems Tom McClintock has won, just just, perhaps a recount needed, but some appear to have lost.

Eric, could you sleep OK? The results are devastating indeed. Obama will enjoy a honeymoon period, but things will soon be sorted out, and then Obama should be attacked full out. Best strategy would be to stop licking wounds too much and start working for 2010.

stefan said...

Eric, what makes you think I would ever join the Obama revolution? and much less the communist revolution.
What the hell does Obama want to do in Afghanistan? Kill the Afghans? Kill anyone that belongs to the Taliban? like Bush wanted to kill anyone that belongs to the Baaht Party??

stefan said...

I'm as anticommunist as can be. I do not equate communism with radical Islamism! There are important and distinct differences. To name one, communism is atheist, Islam is a religion.
But if you want to equate them, think of it, was communism defeated as the US invaded every communist country and consider retreat and restoration of sovereignty as defeat to the ideology?

I would rather say the defeat of capitalism come from within, like voting for bailouts...

CSM said...

I've posted the reasons for the Republican defeat at The Free Liberal.

12 Lessons for the Republican Party

Scott said...

I'll leave this blog permanently if you drop the pretense of being a libertarian and just call this blog what it is; a Republican shill machine.

Phritz said...

While I would not quite equate BO to VI Lenin (VI a bit smarter, really, and bloodthirsty--tho' BO might eventually match him), I am pretty sickened by the entire spectacle. Obama's typical street preacher jingle-rant was an insult to American presidents, from TJ and Madison to Teddy Roosevelt and Eisenhower. He sounds like some small-town socialist mayor attempting to be dramatic.

McCain fought hard. I don't really care for the man, but he showed some courage, though he was a bit too condescending. Palin also deserves some respect, but I agree slightly with some moderates (and GOPers) who feel choosing Palin as VP may have been a blunder. (except in Texas and south. God bless Texas).

Did anyone catch BO's talking about Ohio? Pure punk garbage: they said it couldn't be done etc. etc. With a budget 4 times the size of McCain/GOP, about anyone could have done it, even BO.

check out the hysterical Obama gals at New Worlds: like most bay area liberal zombies, they're nearly marching in the streets with Obama-nation flags.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you but I am looking forward to living on the Collective!

Anonymous said...

BWAH HAH HA HA HA HA HA ha ha ha ha ha (wheeze) (wheeze) excuse me...



Choke on it!

bint alshamsa said...


With a budget 4 times the size of McCain/GOP, about anyone could have done it, even BO.

The GOP spent their money in the wrong places. That's no one's fault but their own. While they were busy footing the bill for shopping sprees, the Democrats were raising boatloads of cash. Maybe if the Republicans had a candidate that they felt really strongly about or if they weren't all broke from the economic crash, they'd have coughed up enough dough to make McCain more competitive in Ohio.

Hector said...

Eric, you are going to hate me for saying this, but I do not think Palin was a good choice for McCain (electorally speaking). I'll explain.
While she was good at consolidating McCain's republican base, she was awful with independents. Remember, independents were supposed to be McCain's stronghold, particularly in New Hampshire. Palin is a social conservative, or at least she is seen as such. So, while she increased evangelical's enthusiasm, she could not do it with independents. Of course, the exception to this are some (I think most) libertarians. But libertarians are not that numerous to make a difference (and they'd probably vote for McCain anyway, scared –with or without reason– by Obama).
A better VP choice for McCain would have been someone good with independents in the issues that were important in this election –i. e. the economy-. I think Romney would have been a good idea, or Rudy. Even Lieberman would have done the trick. The problem was that evangelicals threatened to abstain in this election if he chose any of those. of course, that threat was not credible. Do you really think they'd have stayed home and watch Obama win by really large margins? Of course not! In the end, they'd have supported McCain and voted for him, to avoid Obama's threat (particuarly, those who believed he is a Muslim that hates America).
You may think Palin is a good politician. She might be (I don't think so, but that's just my opinion). But she failed to increase McCain's support among independents. She failed at even mantaining it.

Anonymous said...

This post is awesome. I think it might be better than a recent one at Atlas Shrugs saying that Malcolm X is Obama's dad. Huzzah and kudos to you, sir or madam.

Well, anyway, gotta go. Gotta go implement Sharia communism and make gay marriage mandatory for all preschoolers. You know, busy plate and all.

Comrade Bob said...

fucking babies.

bint alshamsa said...


Well, anyway, gotta go. Gotta go implement Sharia communism and make gay marriage mandatory for all preschoolers. You know, busy plate and all.

Does this mean y'all have decided to put taking away the gun rights of fetuses on the back burner? ;)


Luke said...

Hilarious blog. Keep up the comedy. Brilliant satire of a deranged political fanboy.

rynato said...

you people are hilarious. I was afraid that the crushing defeat of McCain would lead to the bursting of the Wingnut Comedy Bubble we've been experiencing for the last 8 years.

Fortunately, it sounds like we won't ever hit Peak Wingnut. About the only thing missing from this thread is the cry for Obama's impeachment before he's even taken office.

By the way, are you planning to make vinegar out of those sour grapes? Hate to see them go to waste.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. The over the top wingnuttia is wonderful. The next 4-8 years are going to be so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Dig deep, read carefully and decide for yourself.


Do we really need a National Civilian Security Force, funded as well as the military?

How do people feel about mandatory community service for all children, beginning in middle school?

Redistribution of wealth has always occurred, but to what extent? To make everyone equal, a nation of one (one party?), is that really good for America?

Just some food for thought...

Anonymous said...

All Hail Obama, our Glorious Leader...may he reign for a hundred years. I cannot wait for the camps to open and we can start putting you morons where you belong. Woohooo! I can almost taste the pain of your horrible defeat...it must suck to be so wrong so often. Have fun in the re-education classes!

Eric Dondero said...

We did manage to elect Tom McClintock to Congress.

Remember the film Braveheart?

McClintock will stand up against immeasurable odds, and slay the Obama-Beast.