Sunday, July 20, 2008

Extreme Differences over Prostitution Legalization & Swingers Rights: This is why we're Libertarian Republicans and not Conservatives

by Eric Dondero

A new CBS series is set to premiere this week on Swingers in the '70s, called "Swingtown." The show has brief scenes of orgies, pot smoking and graphic discussions of wife-swapping.

Predictably, Conservatives are outraged. Gateway Pundit, an otherwise excellent blog, calls the series, "disgusting" and says "you can thank the liberals for this filth."

A Religious Right group called Parents TV Counsel weighs in:

Swingtown undermines the institutions of marriage and family. This show is not suitable for children. Swingtown is one of the most sexually indulgent programs we’ve seen on broadcast television in a long time, but is par for the course in CBS’ race to the bottom of vile and violent television programming. This show should not be on broadcast television – period.

When these groups take on Swingers, they are attacking libertarians, as well, as "liberals."

San Francisco moves to decriminalize Prostitution thanks to Libertarians NOT Liberals

Meanwhile, some big news breaking... An initiative to decriminalize Prostitution in the City of San Francisco has qualified for the ballot, thanks to the efforts of longtime California Libertarian Party stalwart Starchild. The initiative backers needed 500 valid signatures. The Elections office has just confirmed that the Libertarian proponents have the neccesary number to get on the ballot.

The Initiative states:

While prostitution is unlawful under the California Penal Code, the measure – if passed by voters – would ban the San Francisco Police Department from allocating any financial resources for the investigation and prosecution of sex workers on prostitution charges.

Section four of the ballot measure – under the heading "Prostitution Shall Be Decriminalized" – further states that the city, county, and district attorney "shall not subject sex-workers to life long economic discrimination associated with having a criminal record."

It should be noted that Starchild, (photo as a delegate to a recent Libertarian Party Convention),is a Pro-Defense libertarian. Additionally, Starchild, a male prostitute himself, has come under fire, from Justin Raimondo and other Leftwing Libertarians. He is anything but a "liberal."

Predictably, the Conservative media is portraying this initiative as a "liberal plot" completely unaware that this was an intiative sponsored by and pushed by a Libertarian.

An otherwise fine Rightwing Blog - World Net Daily - plays this view up in their headline, with the sub-header, "D.A. calls welcome mat for prostitutes and pimps."

Time for the GOP to let Libertarians take the lead on such issues of vice

Libertarians and most especially Libertarian Republicans are aligned with Conservatives more and more these days, on a variety of civil liberties issues. Conservatives have come around on smoking bans, seat belt laws, speed limits, free speech rights, and even in some cases on the gambling front. But they still seem completely out-of-touch on sexual matters, and hopelessly uncool.

And they wonder why young people are turning off to the GOP in record numbers.

Perhaps they should consider that it's their oldline prudishness that's more of a turn-off to younger voters than the War in Iraq. Solution: Let the Libertarians take the lead on issues such as legalization of prostitution and swingers' rights, and bring some hipness back to the GOP.


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Ryan said...

The GOP was overtaken by the Religious Right on social issues a long time ago. Case in point, Mayor Giuliani. The Right painted him as a foaming at the mouth New York City "liberal". The Evangelicals have made it nearly impossible to nominate a candidate who is moderate (libertarian) on social matters. Hence, the very poor showing of the GOP throughout the Northeast. The Social Con message is inconsistent: "government out of our wallets, but fine if its in our bedrooms".The GOP will continue to struggle until it stops running unelectable regional candidates like Huckabee on a national level.

Brandybuck said...

I hate to tell you this Eric, because I hate to see exploding heads, but Starchild was actively campaigning for Ron Paul in the Bay Area. He could have chosen to campaign your libertarian hero, Giuliani, but he chose to campaign for Ron Paul instead.

Eric Dondero said...

I hate to tell you this Brandybuck, but as the article indicates Starchild has been campaigning for Wayne Root, the very guy I recruited into the Presidential race two years ago.

Now you tell me he was also campaigning for the guy - Ron Paul - who I got elected to Congress in 1996?

Well, that's a decent record - 1.5. For Root is fantastic on both economics and foreign policy. Paul, fantastic on domestic issues (save racial issues and the death penalty), but sucks on foreign policy.

So, a 1.5 for Starchild is not bad. Love to meet him some day, and give him a big wet heterosexual kiss on the cheek for all his good work.

Ryan said...

Interesting character.

Starchild said...

I appreciate the support here, both personal and for the measure to decriminalize prostitution in SF, but a couple corrections for the record:

(1) We needed not 500 signatures, but 7,168 signatures from San Francisco voters to put this on the ballot. We submitted 12,745 in order to ensure enough of them would be found valid.

(2) I am not the author of this measure and cannot claim the most credit for getting it on the ballot, which belongs to Maxine and a couple people from the Industrial Workers of the World. For a measure not written by a libertarian it is very libertarian in its language, and along with official proponent Maxine Doogan I am perhaps the individual most identified with it at this point.

(3) I am not campaigning for Wayne Allyn Root and did not ride in a car with him at the SF Pride Parade. If Wayne were running as a Republican against less libertarian opponents I would support him, but I do not feel he is yet libertarian enough in his views to be a good representative of the Libertarian Party to run for public office. Frankly the Donald Trump style also kind of turns me off and his manner sets my inauthenticity sense tingle (see,0,7263368.column); Root could use some of Ron Paul's humility. I hope that his political evolution will continue and that he will come to more fully embody a genuine, compassionate libertarian soul.

Eric Dondero said...

Starchild, could you please clarify? I'm terribly confused. One of the libertarian blogs, don't remember which, had a photo of you riding in a parade on the 4th of July with Wayne Root? Are you saying that was not you?

Is there a "Starchild imposter" perhaps?

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