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Small-town scandal linked to John McCain Campaigner widens: Texas Rangers investigating

The Ellis County Press has a front page story today on the growing scandal surrounding an ex-Police Chief for the tiny town of Bardwell, Texas (pop. 580). Former police chief, Michael Chase Meissner is under investigation by local authorities, and is being interviewed by the Texas Rangers about possible criminal violations.

The Press is reporting that: "Meissner’s past hires and the current chief’s hires were found to be writing citations while not "appropriately commissioned." The article went on to report that the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education could enforce fines, "some as high as $100 per day for each violation."

TCLEOSE Director of Enforcement and Licensing James Heironimus said that:
"If these officers did not get council approval, they are inappropriately commissioned," he said, paraphrasing his letter. Heironimus said if his agency found out the officers were writing citations while not commissioned, he would "go after" the police chief.

The story goes on to get reaction from Meisnner:

When first approached by another Ellis County Press reporter for comment, Meissner contacted a local high school and a school district superintendent claiming the reporter was trying to lure him into making "sexual harassment" allegations, according to this local district’s officials. Meissner has been the subject of numerous media reports on his past arrest history and employment with other agencies, and has been on County Attorney Joe Grubbs’ radar screen for quite some time. Grubbs also said his office is "well aware" of the investigations into the situation in Bardwell, but until those outside agencies’ investigations are complete, his office couldn’t interfere.

In the second to last paragraph of the lengthy article, Meissner is linked to John McCain for President ally, supporter and sometimes Texas spokesman Ali Akbar:

Meissner, whose entire past spans several Internet websites documenting WFAA-TV (Channel 8) interviews and radio transcripts, recently teamed up with a web developer from Fort Worth, Ali Akbar, to get those prior arrest records, news media reports and interview transcripts taken offline. Akbar, a staffer on the John McCain campaign, who is on probation for credit card abuse and theft, did not return requests for comment.

However, last Friday, one of the Internet sites was accessed and was deleted. Akbar, admitting to deleting one website earlier this month, has denied involvement; Meissner would not answer any questions related to the deletions. Included in that material were several pieces of information relating to Meissner’s criminal investigations stemming from Bardwell and his employment with a Henderson County police department.

Akbar is now trying to distance himself from the McCain for President campaign, and is claiming that he has no official role. Though, he is still listed at Bloggers for McCain, as one of the site's Authors.

He is also under fire on another front. Texas Libertarian Party activist and former 2-time Waxahachie City Council candidate Joey Dauben has accused Akbar of endorsing voter fraud tactics on a conference call with one other political operative. Akbar is strongly denying the charges.

Story developing...


Ali A. Akbar said...

1) I'm no longer an author on

2) Blogs4McCain has no association with John McCain for President (as the disclaimer says, as you were told, as now 3 blogs have called you out on

3) Are you seriously that Internet-Illiterate to believe that Blog4Anyone is associated with that person? Ha.

4) Call Austin. Texas Rangers are not investigating

5) ECP has the low readership and admitted today to printing false news. How do I know? The Editor told me that a "Clarification" will run next week because of the errors written by Joey Dauben

6) You and Joey still have now a staggering 11 claims in which have been proven false on 3 blogs and 1 blogtalkradio show (

7) Your name has been laughed at. To think: I was worried about my name being in the dumps.

8) Voter fraud.... A source will testify that Joey admittedly did that to get media attention (and all he found was your little talk show and blog). Joey has also been reported. Joey has also been forced to retract my writings from his ECO blog because he violation the USC.

9) When you two lied - the people spoke - Take defeat gracefully you want-to-be. did an excellent job of doing a mini cover on your creditability and the blog comments show as such. I had a flood of emails in which you are characterized as a "wacko" "nutjob" "a simple liar" and a "media guru wanna be."

Ask Joey why he is going around claiming that you are swinger and that you your sexuality as a crutch. Also ask Joey why he mentioned you as a "political" nobody, but says that "you think" you are. Just questions you might want to get cleared up.

Ali A. Akbar said...

Also, please note that these are not charges. The State laughs at Joey Dauben here in Texas.

These are personal allegations.

One person asked me why Joey was acting like a "disappointed lover." I said, "I have no idea... I've heard of crazy stuff like this before, but never has this happened... He did mention that he was ONLY DOING THIS because his little blog was deleted.

Please also note: Joey and a friend have reportedly attempted (and failed) to access a personal website of one of his enemies.

Two Texas Officials down in Ellis calls Dauben in relation to these claims, "really off his rocker now. He's always gone after someone. We all suspect sexual abuse or something traumatic. Most don't know his name, the others just ignore and laugh. He's a joke!"

Eric Dondero said...

Ali, thank you for visiting our Blog and responding to the charges.

Now, I have a very important question for you:

Are you now claiming that you have never had any ties to the John McCain Campaign for President in any official capacity?

Are you now claiming that you were a mere "enthusiastic volunteer" for McCain?

Housekeeping item: Please feel free in future rebuttals here to post links to your Blog to respond to the allegations made here. I have no problem with that.

But I do want to know, Have you ever held any campaign position in the John McCain for President Campaign, either in the Texas effort or Nationally?

Eric Dondero said...

As for my sexual lifestyle, it's no secret that I've had quite a few girlfriends in my life. I'm an ex-Sailor for Gosh sakes. We Navy guys are known for having a girl in every Port.

You want to spread such rumors, fine by me.

Jonathan said...

check out the latest paultard creation:

because current Republicans aren't 'real republicans', only Ron Paul is like Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater.

notice how they left Foreign Policy off the page. complete idiots, and historical dunces. I showed some how Thomas Jefferson lobbied for War for over 15 years with the Barbary Pirates and their State sponsors, then did it as President without a "Declaration of War" and they acted like it couldn't be true, facts be damned.

Morerice said...

Check out this Faux News clip from today (sorry for the poor quality):

Here is the money quote:
"I wish we were at a stage where a 3rd party candidate could win. But look, the Republican Party is out of step with the Republican Party. That’s the reality of why Ron Paul is a rock star right now. This President [Bush] spends like a drunken sailor. They’re nation building all around the world and not doing it with competence. And I am glad that there are a lot of Republicans and Americans in general out there who are purists, who don’t care just about party affiliation, but about getting things done.”
Flavia Colgan, Political Analyst

And, by the way, that is the same Michael Steele that about two months ago in one of the early debates said "Ron Paul is DONE" after the exchange with Rudy. Wow.

Anonymous said...

For the love of god are you this ignorant?

How many times must we tell you he is not a McCain staffer!

Blogs4McCain is not affiliated with the official campaign.

Eric Dondero said...

Again, simple question should be answered by Ali directly:

Are you now saying that you were never a campaigner for John McCain for President?

Never participated in conference calls with the McCain for President people on campaign strategy?

Never met McCain, or never participated in conference calls with him and campaign managers?

You never presented yourself in the media as a "Texas Spokesperson for John McCain for President"?

You're just a lowly campaign volunteer, and enthusiastic one, but just a volunteer? Is that correct?

Eric Dondero said...

Just pulled this off of a website called "McCain '08". Seems Ali is more than just a "volunteer" for McCain:


Rapid Fire Team

A few weeks ago Camp McCain offered many people a chance to make a real impact in New Hampshire and Iowa, by volunteering at campaign offices in the two states.

So many cannot, but would like to, so MV08 is providing you an opportunity to help out McCain on both a national and local scale.

My name is Ali A. Akbar and for those of you who don't know my role and affiliation with MV08, well I'm on the Strategy Board and lead what's called our Rapid Fire Team. We have an entire team at MV08 entirely devoted to commenting on blogs and ensuring McCain has the best online presence.

The team is lead directly by a good friend and fellow Board member, Sheridan whom many of us know as The Mad Irish Man. He's dedication combined with my good friend, Elyery's out in California, organizational skills produce a harmonious leadership team for RFT.

We need your help. We can have 20, 40, or even 400 members on this team. It's fairly simple too. You sign up by emailing For details email Elyery at or just email

About every day or so you'll receive a simple textual email outlining two blogs we'd like you to hit up. Simply comment it and link it to some positive McCain information.

The more people know about McCain's record - the greater their chances of voting for him are. Big media follows the pulse of the bolgosphere closely, therefore commenting actually increase McCain's chances in getting noticed in unique ways and on issues many aren't familiar with.

I need your help - give me 2-5 weeks and a few blog comments and we might just elect the next President of the United States.

Your membership with RFT is completely confidential and only requires about 10-15 minutes of your online time a day.

Let Us WIN!

Ali A. Akbar
Rapid Fire Team, Chair

Eric Dondero said...

And this from Third Party Watch, 07/07/07:

Libertarian Appeal to John McCain?
Libertarian Politics Live! Thursday was an interesting discussion. Eric Dondero, of course, was touting Rudy and Rudy’s appeal to libertarians. But what about John McCain? Ali Akbar was the guest – he’s a McCain staffer from Texas. Check it out.

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Jonathan said...

check out what the "Commander" of this Neo-Nazi site for the American National Socialist Workers Party is saying about Paul(re: White Nationalism). BEWARE OF LINK, HATE SITE

even if this guy is sincerly not a racist, politically it doesn't matter. These extensive ties and who knows what else, like the American Thinker has wrote about, would absolutely bury him if the MSM and Dems take him on. Its the last thing you want as the "face" or realy even associated with, the ideals of Limited Government.

Jonathan said...

actually, this link may be better and with updates now that attention has gone to the nazi site:

oh the irony, the American Conservative, comes out labeling Rudy a Nazi while their guy is supported emphatically by real life Nazi/Fascist.

Jonathan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Morerice said...

Jonathan, that link to the Nazi stuff was really prime time. Obviously you are too stupid to see this was a spoof. Do you believe everything you read?

NEWS FLASH: the word "gullible" is not in the dictionary!!!