Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Bill Kristol: Ron Paul is the Anti-Liberty candidate

Paul even opposed Northern intervention in the Civil War...

Fox News Contributor Bill Kristol makes a strong case that Ron Paul is a consistent opponent of Liberty on all fronts: Opposing freedom for the Vietnamese people, in the Middle East, and others around the World. He also posits that Paul's views on opposing Lincoln and Northern intervention in the Civil War are "ludicrous." Finally, Kristol mentions that Paul is opposed to all Wars including American intervention in both WWI and WWII.

Thanks to LR Contributing Editor Ryan Christiano for bringing this video to our attention.


Jonathan said...

oppossing Northern Intervention in the Civil War will just win him votes in the South.

I agree we shouldn't go to war in nations were we have no National Interest at stake(see Tibet for example), totally disagree in the areas we do have vital National Interest at stake and then people like Paul dumb down the entire debate about the issue.

I'd also say they are anti-Liberty in the case of National Security Measures like the Patriot Act for example. They are basically Civil Liberty/Individual Liberty extremist and have to stick their heads in the sands about the facts of the world in the present. The founding wasn't just about Individual Liberty, its also about our collective Liberty which is National Security. You have a right to go out and be safe around the nation. They pretend like this is a non-issue. The two sides of liberty have to balance out, given nature of the world. and we do have terrorist living in sleeper cells at home, not to mention other type of gangs.

of course Rothbard thought the Cold War was a hoax to expand govt., it has transitioned to the "war on terror" is a hoax. Which i've had this stated to me by a Christian Libertarian blogger(and paultard) at Chalcedon.edu once. unreal.

Anonymous said...

There has never been a more consistent advocate for liberty than Ron Paul. That you would mistake the use of armed force, of killing those in foreign lands, as causes of liberty shows your true colors. You are a supporter of Government power over people. At least have the honor to admit it.

Ken Hamilton said...

What is Kristol? A Yankee sympathizer?

I would have fought for the CSA if I had been around and of age to do so back then.

As my favorite bumper sticker says:

Yankees 1
Rebels 0


Scott said...

"Nothing says liberty like war."

Is this the libertarian republican mantra? Hmmm, one wonders why that libertarian republican poll in your side column only got 27 votes.

sun-stealer said...

First off, Ron Paul has been listening to his white supremacist buddies to much because his account of the Civil War is full of holes. Lincoln was willing to allow slavery if it meant the Union was preserved, the emancipation proclamation wasn't given till the end of the war and even then it only freed slaves in confederate states.

sun-stealer said...

Hate to double post but too things, first off Ken, no one has the right to own another person, so the confederate cause was completely illegitamite. Secondly, Ron Paul is anti-liberty, to be pro-liberty one has to be willing to fight for it. As Thomas Jefferson once said, "The tree of Liberty must regularly be replenished with the blood of patriots and tyrants." Also, I didn't know natural rights ceased applying past America's shores.